Ding Dong. It’s not the landshark, it’s a torn meniscus.

I shouldn’t be here. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. I’m supposed to be on the couch, watching Apple TV goodness and participating in the RICE routine for my poor fubarred knee.

I’ve watched every episode of that Canadian wonder: Intelligence. Incredible show, boy howdy that Ian Tracy can really create a great Jimmy Reardon. Watch the show and find out how the Canucks really feel about the US. And for me, after just a few episodes, my resolve to see the US legalize marijuana use is even more resolute.

During a previous injury, I watched all the Midsomer Murders, the few Inspector Lynley’s available (I want more!!), about a gabillion boring movies (roll over, The Safety of Objects) and more of Those Damn Housewives than I care to mention.

I’ve moved all the bookmaking (no, not betting, the sewing and folding kind of books) supplies, my paints and glues, and my Kindle Fire and its charger to the living room couch area and now it’s time to stop fucking around and sit down, errrr, lay down and take care of my knee. Something I should have done over a month ago when it first “went out” on me.

My recovery goal? Mail Art and more of it. And photographing not fairies but jewelry and selling it on Etsy. There are over 150 pieces here in this cigar box library and it all needs to go!

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    3 Responses to Ding Dong. It’s not the landshark, it’s a torn meniscus.

    1. where to begin. . .i’ll begin at the end: great blog. loved it! i’ll be back. on to the beginning: BANG! (get it? it’s a BIG BANG! not so big, but i can’t change font size here. therefore, the rest is lower case, so the BIG is more obvious.) somewhere in the middle: not much to write here. i’m saving all my humor for when i get funny. it could happen anytime. i’m just waiting for it. i will tell you i am glad i found you i crave for a good sprung-knee post every now and again so now i know where to find one while waiting for my painfully funny comments, you might reading my blog, filled with a lot of boring stuff. it helps the reader sleep, and it keeps my insomnia alive and well the paradox of a writer/poet’s life. have you ever mistaken a speck of dirt on your computer screen for a period or comma? i just did i like run-on sentences anyway so it doesn’t really bother me but i do need to clean my screen i just found millard fillmore staring at me a scary thing that i am compelled to get rid of

      i shall return in my usual macarthur fashion. . .be afraid. . .be very afraid or skeert for my southern pals couldn’t resist putting in another ending regards paula tohline calhoun currently residing at reflections from a cloudy mirror: http://paulatohlinecalhoun1951.wordpress.com (totally shameless plug)

      take care of your knee and it will take care of you with a good knee replacement

    2. it says leave a reply so i left it i’ll only leave one but just so you know there are 50 ways to leave your reply

    3. VMac says:

      I’ve been blog-not for a few weeks, an egregious mistake. The knee is fine. Walked on it within 12 hours of surgery. I’m a tough old gal, hard to keep down … at least not for long. I will read your blog and I will post to this one more often. I love writing. The Habit of Writing is one to nourish and I’m afraid it’s been left in the dirt behind grandsons, old houses, other business, and artistic ventures. “Society … hope you’re not lonely without me.” — maybe Eddie Vedder should be my bible these days. I’ve left Facebook for as long as possible, left it behind like cigarettes a decade ago. Just one day thought it was a waste of my time…

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