Deadline date for Regional Artist Project Grants is September 17, 2010.

No flies on me.

We here in Nawth Carohline-ah occasionally suffer from Arts Deprivation. In order to fund our quest for visual stimulation, some additional resources prove necessary, even absolute.

So some of us will meet at Emerge Gallery in Greenville for Pitt County Arts Council’s meeting of the monetary minds to learn all about Regional Artist Program Grant apps. click here for info re:other venues with the same workshop goals.

I received  NC Arts Council funding for the original issue of The Dead Mule (School of Southern Literature) back in 1996. The grant application process was onerous and tedious but, to be truthful, rather fun to complete. Writing grant proposals is oddly entertaining to me and I parlayed my interest into a paying gig back in the mid-90s writing props for a Catholic HIV-Aids foundation that provided help and daycare for the children of HIV patients who were underserved, undernourished and misunderstood. Long time ago… odd job in which to briefly engage.

My previous grants and workshops fell under the Literary heading. Ploughshares International Fiction Writing Seminar (Emerson College) in The Netherlands, the Mule Grant, my graduate fellowships… my brain changed somewhere along the line and Art, visual projects, took the forefront of my creative activities list.

One can’t help but wonder (the one being me) if anesthesia created my literary creativity spurts. Eight hours under the knife for lumbar fusion back in 1989 spawned “Dancing with Uncle Virgil” and 6? hours of hepatic resection in 1999 birthed even more writing and my career at Popmatters as Books Editor.

My husband says it’s odd how one day I couldn’t “draw a stick figure” and the next, I’m smashing out visual pieces of art and flounder like an obsessed orbitron mangler. I truly don’t know what possesses me but I truly DO know it is Fluxus. Pure fluxus and flummox.

My grant proposal? What do I want $$ for? Working on that one … methinks a workshop would provide much fodder for increased artistic output. I’d love to go up to a class or five at Carnegie Art stuffandnonsense in Pittsburgh, or maybe a weeklong jaunt through John C. Campbell Folk School? A Raleigh-area whizbang class or two? Or perhaps I should finally confess before my maker that I truly do need new supplies for creating art — with arthritically deformed hands and gimpy lumbar fusion, perhaps I’d best plead for ergonomics and stop farting around with tools I can hardly use…

We shall see what we shall see what we shall see. Like civic. Or radar. Hannah, you’re a palindrome. Chow Bella.

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