Cubist Collage

An attorney in Brooklyn, NY recently sent a link to a very interesting discussion concerning collages. Since lawyers have to go to collage for a long time, I figured he knew what he was talking about. I went to collage in North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, and even Holland (that’s The Netherlands for your purists). Collages… my favorite way to learn:

“Collage has thus been deployed both as a mode of political resistance and as a protest against the commodity form, as an instrument of totalitarian propaganda and as a capitalist advertising tactic. It was this oscillation—a sweeping applicability to both the popular and the political, consumption and negation—that would usher in the late-twentieth-century turn to collage as a common and essential form of rethinking, repositioning, and reworking media.”

cropped-hoodgirl.jpgThat’s from ArtForum, a very remarkable read for anyone artistically inclined. — back in 2009, created that link. wonder if it still works? I know my Cubist Collages still work and that when I attended Cubist Collage, my degree, my ASS degree, still – to this day – provides me with knowledge use I create every day with my Art. Collage your words.



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