Controversial Contra Dancing

val macewan

It is a world wherein abstinence from political thought and discussion is almost a sin. Republicans in US Congress develop a fear of the known, those who control thoughts in minority districts… minorities of thought, not race. Those who believe in less government demand more government to control the ill-defined limited government they embrace.

Democrats recoil. The Majority Party allows the screaming hoards of philosophically illiterate unwashed email-savvy public to determine the needs of our society as a whole. Control of this electorate remains in the hands of two brothers named Koch who seemingly desire to split this democracy into an ill-conceived and poorly rationed bad-year-for-pecans humanity pie. The squirrels have taken all the best nuts and buried them far beneath the surface — left the rest of the worm-holed paper shelled half-eaten detritus for us to consume.

I, for one, wash my hands of it all. Scrubbed and cleansed, I don my work gloves, return to the studio and continue my Ten Women More project — documenting over 150 years of Boyer women. Their brilliance, their resiliency and their strength of character.



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