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Opiates and Nipples

Genitalia Discussion, Anyone? Oh, wait! First a news flash. I had to sign a Pain Contract with my new internist. New contract meant a piss test. So I gave them my sample and get this — the nurse called me to let me know I “passed my drug test”. “Well, hot damn!” I told her, “I kinda’ thought I would.” Fortunately, being me, this 61 year old, looks-like middle-class educated white woman schtick I do pays off with repartee’ and comedy […]

Sleep Apnea — Beginning the Journey back to REM Sleep

It’s no secret. The sound of my snoring resembles a freight train rumbling through the house. Ladies glisten; they do not sweat. Ladies sing while they sleep; they do not snore. Last night I had a sleep study done at our local hospital. It is a foregone conclusion that I will need a CPAP device as I stop breathing for as much as 40 seconds before my brain can arouse my lungs to function (or however one says such things). […]