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Fort Smith Saturday

A swing and a miss… then he hits one out of the park. Not on TV, this is radio and if I close my eyes and squint my lids shut real hard — I can see my Dad scowl when a member of The Big Red Machine pops a foul over to left field. I miss Daddy and baseball. I miss the smell of onions — the early spring ones that every neighborhood dad mowed down early Saturday mornings. I miss […]

Visual Blessings

While reading today’s message from Robert Genn, two words jumped out at me. Visual Blessings. What an extraordinary descriptive phrase. Genn completes his daily essay with a quote: “Stuff your eyes with wonder; live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” (Ray Bradbury) If you’re an artist or a creative person and you don’t read Painter’s Keys, you should. This is a non-solicited endorsement […]

The International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists

The day becomes a fine one when an artist is admitted to join the ranks of an elite group such as the ISACA. Few moments in one’s personal achievement checklist rank as high as this honor.

Facebook Me and Who to Friend?

In a recent Facebook discussion, the true personality of someone I’d “friended” came to the forefront and it was a scary moment. If you follow me on FB and know to what I refer  [Jan. 21-22 or around thereabouts] this post will not surprise you. If you weren’t privy to the conversation, I won’t elaborate or copy/paste what occurred here online because the post and ensuing comments are not the focus here. The shock of sudden rancor and discourse — […]

Mis­in­for­ma­tion regard­ing pain medications

Dear American Pain Foundation (APF) members, APF is asking you to help us put a stop to erroneous and unbalanced reporting by taking Action Now! On January 27, USA Today published two articles by Gregg Zoroya, “General’s Story a Warning about Use of Painkillers” and “Up to 35% of Wounded Soldiers Addicted to Drugs”. It is critical that factual information about pain and its management be available to active duty personnel, veterans and their family members. It is alarming when members of […]

WordPress Codex tips to successful blogging

I’ve been in this blogging biz for over a decade. Oh, who am I kidding? Since 1996, I’ve been adding pages to a site – a new page – every day. Isn’t that technically “blogging” but without the program?

Reba Goes To the Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas

Chapter Three Reba Goes To the Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. 1979. “Excuse me, but are you a homemaker?” A woman approaches me from the side. “Yes, I am,” and I think to myself, ‘who else would be at a mall in Little Rock at 10:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in February?’ I look around. Housewives and senior citizens, that’s about it. Housewives for peace and quiet, seniors for noise and conversation. Anything different than home, I reckon. Seventy-year […]

Last Referrers in Blog Stats

Sanity hint for bloggers: Don’t look up your “Last Referrers”. It will make you crazy. Thanks to shortstats, I know who you are and I saw what you did. Seems my LR’s were megapornstash – related. Gross, yuck. Oh well, however someone got here … I suppose the important aspect is the visit itself, not the highway route. But that flies against the philosophy of how it is not the destination, it is the journey. Oh wow, this gets more […]

Par­al­lel Syn­chro­nized Ran­dom­ness in Visual Poetry

I ponder that which surrounds me. Constantly. Relentlessly. I watch myself watching myself. Then, I step aside and watch myself as I ponder the effect of parallel synchronized randomness upon my current idea-image. If the day is long and my time is short, the image of the current myself watched from my over there-self can snap me back into a now-time reality. It’s this: Artists despise the witness who brings varied interpretations of now-action while the aforementioned Artist attempts to […]

Kemal E. Kutait

When we moved south to Fort Smith, AR from Glen Ellyn, IL in 1960, my father told me there would be horses in the streets of downtown. I was six years old. My brain registered this offhand comment by visualizing Gunsmoke meets Have Gun Will Travel and wooden sidewalks and dusty boots, Paladin and Miss Kitty, watering troughs, and good guys versus bad guys shoot-outs on Garrison Ave. I was partially correct. Within two years, I would meet Festus.