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Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth: Etsy Sales Witch and Bully

I’m creating an artist’s book about  a man named Lester Belt who was a dog astrologer in the 1930-1940s. His  name comes up only a couple times online — once for a photo in an old Life Magazine and another for a patent application. When I googled him, the other side of the Life magazine page came up on Etsy for sale — in a shop owned by a Wiccan witch in Derby, CT. I sent an email to Alicia Lyon […]

Sean Bertran Owes Morrow an Apology

If you walked outside your house one morning and looked next door, saw your neighbor’s car had been spray painted with graffiti and defaced — what would you do? Well, you’d alert your neighbor and if your neighbor wasn’t home, you’d call the police. Right? No question about it. If the graffiti was written as a racial slur, would that make your reaction any different? Would you photograph the slur and then post it on the Internet and tell everyone […]

Online Bullying — Does it spread to hacking Twitter accounts?

It’s a confusing online world we live in. Sometimes the truth is out there but it’s so very difficult to find. Take the dismal Twitter account hack of Deb Morrow’s Congressional information Twitter account. This woman is trying her damndest to get into the fight, the political fight and she’s an honest hard-working decent person. She really is. I defy anyone to find anything nasty about her anytime in her entire life. She’s one of the good guys (gals). So […]

My new perspective on adult bullying

I’ve been called a doormat by many of my acquaintances and some family members. My usual response was to say, “Yeah, I am a real bleeding heart when it comes to someone else’s needs and wants.” This summer, though, my personal outlook has changed and it’s time to consider being pushed into something I don’t want to do versus being compassionate and truly helping someone through a difficult time. My mom* was one of those wonderful people who would jump […]