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A Lit­er­ary Lot­tery: Should online jour­nals charge read­ing fees?

What a loaded question! From a writer’s perspective, I imagine the answer would be a resounding “NO!” As a publisher, the answer would usually be “Yes… we have expenses.” What’s the correct answer? Is there a “one answer fits all” to this question?

A Response to Gabriel Winant’s Arti­cle in Slate

“The revolution the South forgot. Life is grim today for Southern workers, and it has a lot to do with a massacre many have forgotten.” The article is spot on. This is not a debate against or opposed to Mr. Winant’s article. I’ll quote some of its salient points it in a bit but first I have a reaction, a gut-level local reaction. Yesterday, here in my little town in North Carolina, the Rural South which bears all the stereotypes […]

Charles C. Finn

Sometimes there is great wisdom to be found in someone else’s head. Other times? Not so much. I’ll let Master Finn offer today’s wisdom. I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, do not be fooled by what I am saying.  Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying.  ~Charles C. Finn

Flu me, it ain’t flux me.

After 10 days in bed with two Jack Russell bed-warmers constantly at my side, I returned to the living just in time to take dogs to dog park for some much needed mayhem. Within five minutes of our return home, Roxanne the LumpMuttPuppy rips her shoulder requiring staples — by leaping over a lawn chair. Now she’s housebound on her own accord and once again crated. More blogging and interesting articles and art comment soon — gotta’ catch up on […]

SKETBE, an open letter to the Greek Ministry of Culture

To: The Greek Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Thessaloniki Recently the roof of the building of the Visual Artists Association of Northern Greece (SKETBE ) was burned away. The offices which housed the Association on Gorgon Street in the Upper Old Town in Thessaloniki no longer exist (the site was granted by the Greek Ministry of Culture). In this office area, SKETBE planned and performed exhibitions and activities, operating management and had workshops with primary and secondary schoolchildren. […]