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Back to Uncle Virgil, An Arkansas Tale

I am first and foremost a writer, an author of both fiction and non-fiction. The artist wants to make that clear from the very start of this post. I began writing in 1962 and I have never stopped. There are three complete novels in my Documents folder. It is time to release them into the world (as my mom would say). I will begin with “Dancing With Uncle Virgil, An Arkansas Tale” — a novel completed around 1996 and re-edited […]

Another post about the Southern Sin essay contest

Obviously one is reminded of the Dead Mule  — right? — because you ALL (not ya’ll but ALL of YOU) read the Dead Mule, am I not correct? It is prudent to publish my reaction to the contest by publishing our submission guidelines — our SLS requirement. Below, copied directly (that would be DIE-WRECK-LEE in Southern dialect) I give you: The Dead Mule School’s Southern Legitimacy Statement Listed below are the official  Southern Legitimacy Idea Guidelines for writing a responsible submission entry. […]

Southern Sin, an essay “contest”

So, the link in Creative Nonfiction’s email leads me to this “Call for Submissions” (see below) and now I find myself  drawn to writing an essay. Southern Sin… the suggestion of myriad possibilities of content… I am intrigued by the thought that we in The South must channel Alice Walker, Flannery O’Connor, Rick Bragg and their ilk. Why not suggest we channel ourselves? Faulkner, Walker, and the others merely looked inside themselves and recorded what they saw. The trick is […]

The Dead Mule

I enjoy reading and writing creative non-fiction. With that in mind, you should know: We’ve published some very fine new essays on the Dead Mule this month. Check them out

Working in Aviary

Making some Southern Fluxus Fun and Games for the BCAC Arts & Crafts Sale in December… if I get “in” to the sale. Also creating Desktop Deities, Amazing Grace, and some slambam recycled vintage ephemeral jewelry. prednisone 10mg pack usa Clomid 42 day cycle generic betapace af bayer for sale differin cream price effects zoloft and pregnancy fda for sale Prednisone vs dexamethasone mineralocorticoid generic etodolac and pregnancy generic Buy lamisil milk thistle januvia onset of action price terramycin for […]


Because I grew up in a rational, orderly household with dinner at six-thirty, laundry done on Saturday mornings, cars washed, yards mowed, house painted… furniture waxed and polished. I ironed the linen. My father’s handkerchiefs, the heavy tablecloths, curtains. Every item reduced to rectangles or squares. Flat, starched, blazing white. Orderly. As I became more responsible, I ironed dress shirts. Chinese laundry style. Collar, cuffs, back seam, shoulder… arms, front, back pleat. Starched, folded, orderly and flat… square. My friend, […]

When Dale Earnhardt Died – A NASCAR memory

Kyle just couldn’t take it when Dale died. He took it personal, like the loss of a family member. And Kyle, he was a Jeff Gordon fanatical type, but he said everyone, no matter whether you’s for Rusty or Dick Trickle, well, you was for Dale in the back of your mind. He, Dale I mean, could win and you wouldn’t have no bad feelings. Dale always deserved it.   It was watching all them people mourn, he said. Just […]

Why Am I Publishing “Dancing With Uncle Virgil”?

Before we begin a 1979 story about Reba, Uncle Virgil’s niece, let me explain what my fiction is doing here, front and center, in my art blog. Being an assemblagist requires a nimble agile mind. The objects placed within the confines of the box, frame, drawer or whathaveme, must create a story. While the real in-my-head-story might differ from the one that you the viewer come up with, the idea of a story exists first and foremost. It’s true with […]

Uncle Virgil – The Man

Chapter TWO 1978 in Fordyce, Arkansas Virgil didn’t notice the aerosol can wrapped in old newspapers at the bottom of the trash box filled with the remnants of a Saturday afternoon cleaning frenzy.

Danc­ing With Uncle Virgil

I begin the holiday season with the first chapter of my upcoming novel, Dancing With Uncle Virgil. Okay, Andreas, stop smirking, you read it ten years ago but I say it’s STILL UPCOMING. Yes, Caroline, I know this is the “novel” that got me into the Ploughshares International Fiction Writing Seminar (Emerson College, Kastel Well, The Netherlands) in 1996… but it’s still forthcoming, upcoming, and not finished… So, without further ado, let us begin reading! Chapter ONE Peacocks, Geese, and […]