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2016 Arts of the Pamlico Fine Arts Show

Well, the judge was a loon. Choosing shit-work over the good stuff. That’s all I’ve got to say. It was about finding no “Honorable Mentions” in the 3D category. What a slap in the face for at the artists who contributed. Carolyn Sleeper’s work? Excuse me! Excellent entries, not rewarded by so much as a glance.

Arts of the Pamlico

You’ve reached The Assemblagist. A website and blog owned by Artist and Writer: Val MacEwan. Ms. MacEwan is a proud supporter of her local arts council: Arts of the Pamlico 150 W. Main Street Washington, NC 27889 The arts council’s Website is located at Arts of the Pamlico. The Arts Council is located in the restored portion of the Turnage Theater in downtown Washington. you can also twit or Facebook them by the links below: facebook twitter

Smoke on the Water with Sandy in the Clouds

One of the biggest local events is on tap for this weekend. Unfortunately, we have a storm to contend with now. I would imagine there are many small towns with big plans for this last weekend in October. It is traditionally Oktoberfest time as well as Halloween carnival time. The pumpkins here in the Pamlico Sound region are attracting lots of gnats and no-see-ums what with the warm, humid weather. The wind from the coming storm might be more than […]

The Dead Mule updates

We’re working on the Dead Mule back-end. This requires rewriting some of the code and stripping some of the old code. This means some of the “:?., and more are fubarred. Quotations marks are no longer ” but more like &*M or somesuch nonsense. Please bear with us. It’s not any fun for us to see the Mule all in such a sad state. We have other jobs, other commitments. Today, the Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show reared […]