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Kindle Customers Get $$ Back in Settlement Case

I’ve been following the pricing of ebooks for quite a while and wondered when all of this would come to a head. Wondering when customers would get ahead… I purchase and download a couple books a week from Amazon so this is welcome news. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the iBook Author creations are moving along just spiffy keen and should be a book offer (a free one) coming up really soon. Dear Kindle Customer, We have good news. You […]

The Casual Vacancy

It is with much anticipation that I go out onto the front porch and pick up the cardboard box with the smile on the side. My latest Amazon order is here! It is JK Rowling’s adult book, The Casual Vacancy. There are no expectations here — other than a nice book to read throughout the forecasted next three days of rain. I figure Rowling should be able to tell an adult story with some finesse. It won’t take a lot to […]

A Bit of Uncle Virgil: Today’s Edits

This bit of Uncle Virgil is based on a true story. The dog came out of the ordeal no worse for wear, so don’t get your panties in a wad over animal cruelty. Brownie truly did run too fast to catch so all’s we could do was watch. Trash Virgil didn’t notice the aerosol can wrapped in old newspapers at the bottom of the trash box filled with the remnants of a Saturday afternoon cleaning frenzy. The box sat next […]

Editing Uncle Virgil, 2012 rewrites on a novel written in early 1990s, the enovel experience

Bringing “Uncle Virgil” out of the closet after all these years is proving more difficult than I’d imagined. The Arkansas tale was written back in the late 1980s through 1992 and edited in detail last in 1996. The voice went from omniscient narrator to third-person to first-person, the main female protagonist became Mama, switching to Aunt Katherine and then back again to Mama. Cratch, the mailman, remained constant but now, the fanatic Lawrence Trueblood and his mother The Sainted Carlotta […]

Back to Uncle Virgil, An Arkansas Tale

I am first and foremost a writer, an author of both fiction and non-fiction. The artist wants to make that clear from the very start of this post. I began writing in 1962 and I have never stopped. There are three complete novels in my Documents folder. It is time to release them into the world (as my mom would say). I will begin with “Dancing With Uncle Virgil, An Arkansas Tale” — a novel completed around 1996 and re-edited […]