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Studio Reorganization Attempt #23

It’s time to sort or be sorted. Art or get off the pot. And the announcement of my first annual ever Tear Up a Book Today Day. Halloween-Momentumis Life is passing by, the spooks of yesterday’s art projects linger in the room. I am fidgeting through box after box of ephemera, paraphernalia and googley gooks. Some of you know I recently gave away 100s of vintage Look, Life and other 1950-1960s magazines to my fellow collage artists. Paper grows old […]

Grinding One’s Teeth – a memoir

Holiday Inn, 1965. We took the first two weeks in Aug every year to go somewhere as family. Whirlpool shut down those weeks for maintenance and everyone went on vacation then. I guess Fort Smith (and Benton Harbor) emptied out and Labor Flight commenced. Ann’s in college, the 5 of us are almost done traveling together en masse. This is the trip to meet Senator McClellan (powerful but not scandalous) in DC (not to be confused with Sen Wilbur Mills […]

Holler. Hollerin’. Yelling too.

holler: [v] bawl, call, cheer, complain, cry, hoot, howl, roar, scream, screech, shriek, shrill, squawk, squeal, ululate, vociferate, wail, whoop, yap, yelp:  Roget’s Thesaurus [or the sound one makes when one makes a high score on BeeBabyGames.] I’ve told you about the Pantego Mud Run, one community’s answer to fund raising for their volunteer fire department. Driving through a mud pit might be lucrative fun, but Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina, [population 49?] sponsors the self-proclaimed National Hollerin’ Contest, a fire department fund raising […]

Dinah’s Landing

Take every mosquito joke you’ve ever heard and rest assured, it originated in eastern North Carolina. There are two kinds of mosquitoes: the ones that are small enough to fit through the holes in screen doors and the big ones — those that open the door and step on in. This is a place where men leave their NASCAR caps on during a funeral service, women frequently sport prison tattoos, and the illiteracy rate is 60 percent. Unemployment rates are among the highest in the state.

The Pantego Mud Run

Volunteer fire departments, especially rural ones, often have to resort to some creative fund raising activities. Turkey shoots are a real popular cash cow. No, they don’t actually shoot birds, they compete for accuracy shooting at targets. Winner gets a cash prize. And there are fish fries and pig pickin’s (barbeque). Dinner goes for about $5 a “plate”, as they call them, even though they’re served in Styrofoam tri-sectioned containers. Plate sales reach epic proportions during lunchtime when volunteers will […]

Close Your Eyes and Remember #1

Close your eyes. Think on this. Imagine the Seventh Grade back when we had Junior High Schools. (If you’re too young to do this — you can still read on, just think back to your youngest teenage years.) Not middle schools. Back when the US still had a designated involuntary delineation of time called “Junior High “, 7th – 9th grades were completed and then you entered High School as a sophomore for 10th – 12th grades of study. Do […]

Close Your Eyes and Remember #2

Seventh Grade and Gym Class Junior High Girl’s Gym Class. I had it second period. Yes, at 9:30 a.m. we were supposed to strip out of our clothes, put on over-sized blue cotton shorts and a button-up peter pan collared cotton shirt and thick white socks and Keds. White Keds. Then we were expected to play softball, exercise, run track, for 45 minutes, come back into the locker room, take a shower in stalls with no curtains or doors, get […]

2014 and the world is even stranger than ever

In the US, we murder children. We take assault weapons to movie theaters and kill patrons. We don’t kill over ideologies, we don’t murder for religion … not usually. What we do is kill randomly and without purpose or reason. We don’t care who owns handguns, we take children to shooting ranges out in the boonies and, while we drink beer, we show six year olds how to shoot Glocks, 9MM weapons. That is who we are. It’s futile to […]

“Tangelo Thumb”

Schenley Farms Collection 30 Photos Assemblage Vol. 3 – Against the Climate 12 Photos MacEwan_assemblages 27 Photos Bottles – Vol. 4 20 Photos Dragonwyck 15 Photos Articles of Confederation 13 Photos For the last decade or perhaps more, my friend Ernest comes to the house mid-November with a sign-up sheet for his church’s annual citrus fruit sale. The Love, Faith and Victory Tabernacle is a small Christian community in a small Southern town (my small Southern town). Ernest and I met back in 1991 when he […]

Basal Thumb Joint Surgery

Working my way through a few tedious months post-basal thumb joint surgery. Physical therapy sessions begin next week. It is difficult, to say the least, to type without the use of my right thumb. Well, that’s not exactly right. My right thumb is encased in a giant cast so I am typing with a huge thumb rather than a not-thumb. I intend to write about this surgery as soon as I can type more than 20 words a minute. My […]