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Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth: Etsy Sales Witch and Bully

I’m creating an artist’s book about  a man named Lester Belt who was a dog astrologer in the 1930-1940s. His  name comes up only a couple times online — once for a photo in an old Life Magazine and another for a patent application. When I googled him, the other side of the Life magazine page came up on Etsy for sale — in a shop owned by a Wiccan witch in Derby, CT. I sent an email to Alicia Lyon […]

Let me put you in a big pay business!

  We visited some relatives when I was a little kid and I remembered the small bronze baby shoes perched on slaps of marble displayed somewhere in the house. When I asked my Mom why Daddy didn’t have a set of “metal coated baby shoes”, she laughed and said we all wore out our baby shoes beyond recognition.

When Bob Laughed, He Used His Whole Body

Mom used to say, “Your father was a very funny man”.  It’s true because Daddy made me smile at the bleakest of times and always at the very moment my anger threatened to ruin a perfectly good kid day. He had a real knack for bringing me out of a rotten mood — the kind of negativity kids succumb to when they have huge expectations and the events don’t match what is set in their mind’s eye. My Daddy could […]

Cowboys Will Amuse You

Christine Tarantino and Art Books

My friend and collaborator Christine Tarantino is dusting off the collectibles and offering some amazing volumes for purchase online. I may be a bit biased as my work is included in one of the offerings. I will add more info soon but for now, check out Words of Light … since I broke finger my typing is wonky and this is iPad, so excuse crappy post style. Weekly Car Loan Calculator Union Bank Student Loans Student Loans For Students […]

When I Was A Republican in College 1972

This season’s political climate makes me nostalgic. No yearning for the old days nostalgia, just remembering old days nostalgia. My political past makes today’s young pups look incredibly tame; their adventures so incredibly lame. I am a Nixon Era political science student. We did not study the 1960s, we lived them. And the 1970s. By 1980, my Republican diaspora turned me into a Libertarian and found me campaigning for Ed Clark (the Alaskan worth his salt on the national political […]

Sean Bertran Owes Morrow an Apology

If you walked outside your house one morning and looked next door, saw your neighbor’s car had been spray painted with graffiti and defaced — what would you do? Well, you’d alert your neighbor and if your neighbor wasn’t home, you’d call the police. Right? No question about it. If the graffiti was written as a racial slur, would that make your reaction any different? Would you photograph the slur and then post it on the Internet and tell everyone […]

Changes in attitude

I didn’t want to have to update my knowledge base, my personal knowledge, of blogging software. It seems Facebook and WordPress are making me conform to new rules. Hence, this post which is here as a test. Loan Calculator With Balloon Payment Cash Back Home Loans Fast Cash No Credit Check Loan Check Payday Loan Personal Loans Private Lenders Loan Protection Insurance Student Loan Credit Union Bac Home Loan Servicing Address Pmi On Fha Loan Speedy Car Loans Commercial Real […]

My Little Town and Economic Reality

Growing Up Knowing the Future People who grew up here in my little town knew how their lives would unfold. Like those who lived in a mill town outside of Aiken, South Carolina or a coal mine community in Harlan, Kentucky — the options were clear. Some would work on the mill floor and a scant few would rise to management and work in the office. Some would go down into the earth and others would work in buildings above it […]