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2014 and the world is even stranger than ever

In the US, we murder children. We take assault weapons to movie theaters and kill patrons. We don’t kill over ideologies, we don’t murder for religion … not usually. What we do is kill randomly and without purpose or reason. We don’t care who owns handguns, we take children to shooting ranges out in the boonies and, while we drink beer, we show six year olds how to shoot Glocks, 9MM weapons. That is who we are. It’s futile to […]

“Tangelo Thumb”

Schenley Farms Collection 30 Photos Assemblage Vol. 3 – Against the Climate 12 Photos MacEwan_assemblages 27 Photos Bottles – Vol. 4 20 Photos Dragonwyck 15 Photos Articles of Confederation 13 Photos For the last decade or perhaps more, my friend Ernest comes to the house mid-November with a sign-up sheet for his church’s annual citrus fruit sale. The Love, Faith and Victory Tabernacle is a small Christian community in a small Southern town (my small Southern town). Ernest and I met back in 1991 when he […]

Paper53, You Made Me Cry

Taking a few months off from blogging to feed the beast. Thought I’d use the mini-iPad to do the dirty deed but it’s a pain in the ass to type on the little bitty blue tooth keyboard and it seems I just get started and the battery goes kerplunk. Had to wait to get here into the studio with the trusty iMac, the real deal, to type out some words of wiz. Thank you to all my Dead Mule supporters. […]

Southern Fiction Gone Viral

This is what we published on the Kickstarter project and it is so incredibly well done that it needs to remain here in perpetuity because we are so very very clever. READ:   100 Writers x 100 Stories, the first volume of Dead Mule fiction. A compendium of fiction I have published on my literary journal website over the last 17 years. That’s 17 years online.

Basal Thumb Joint Surgery

Working my way through a few tedious months post-basal thumb joint surgery. Physical therapy sessions begin next week. It is difficult, to say the least, to type without the use of my right thumb. Well, that’s not exactly right. My right thumb is encased in a giant cast so I am typing with a huge thumb rather than a not-thumb. I intend to write about this surgery as soon as I can type more than 20 words a minute. My […]

The Dead Mule and poetry for December is terrific.

We’ve posted some fabulous incredible unique talented poets. The strike-through isn’t because the words are untrue, it’s my vocabulary. Lazy words. Do you ever find yourself caught up in events being fabulous, moments being incredible, people being insane or marvelous — no one and no thing inspires a decent jab at the thesaurus? I need to up my verbal game. Lax delivery and retrieval — too many hours spent in the studio creating visual art rather than written word. What […]

Smoke on the Water with Sandy in the Clouds

One of the biggest local events is on tap for this weekend. Unfortunately, we have a storm to contend with now. I would imagine there are many small towns with big plans for this last weekend in October. It is traditionally Oktoberfest time as well as Halloween carnival time. The pumpkins here in the Pamlico Sound region are attracting lots of gnats and no-see-ums what with the warm, humid weather. The wind from the coming storm might be more than […]

Edward West Browning : A moment in history

Tabloid press in 2012 has nothing on its counter-part back in 1926. Seems there was this man, Edward West Browning, who married a 16-year-old girl called Peaches. Browning anointed himself “High Priest of the Daddy Cult” and declared his business the Temple of Love. Peaches’ Mama lived with Browning and his wife and apparently was “always around and spoiled the fun.” My mother lives on here in this house in so many ways. Today I think of her as I […]

Places I Have Known: People I Have Seen

Official start date for iBook featuring original art and photos… and short fiction and long fiction and creative non-fiction. title: Places I Have Known: People I Have Seen by Valerie MacEwan Just wanted to get that title out there and indexed because it’s mine. I said it. I typed it. More on this project soon. Meanwhile, here’s a link to another book in progress, if I can load the pdf correctly… the book features writing by Helen Losse, Phoebe Kate Foster […]

For my Fluxlist Friends on Facebook — Free Magazines

I am going to post information here about how to send me the postal $$ for boxes of magazines. I know my fellow artists would love these for assemblages and collages and I have more than I can use in a lifetime. Many of the magazines were purchased for about $3 a piece because I wanted the articles. Now I know most of these are scanned and available online so … my information glut is your gain. Probably a PayPal […]