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Living in the Town of James Brown, Get Down!

Aiken, South Carolina, once known to residents as the Land of James Brown… this story is 98.9% true: Back in, ohhh, must have been Autumn 1987, late one night, hours past midnight, a neighbor living on the other side of the woods called to tell me about an escaped convict. A convict on the loose in my two-acre wood — a convict coming toward my house. I had a vision of Steve McQueen as Max Sand, wearing striped prison garb, […]

Ruth and Bob See Alaska

Reading Mom’s travel journals: On to Alaska. Life with Ruth wasn’t always filled with poignant moments of sentimental elderly encounters. She and Daddy were real characters. Ruth born 1917, Bob in 1915 … yes, the Great Generation. Certainly they qualified for the best parents. Couldn’t find fault with them in life or in death. Enjoy, those of you who knew Ruth here in Washington, those who enjoyed her humor and smile. Even if you didn’t know her, I think you’ll appreciate […]

Dogs are healthy and hearty — hale and all that!

Thompson is keeping food down again. He was throwing up every meal, no matter what I fed him. At 15, it’s rough to be a Jack Russell and try to keep up with the 3 year old Monkey Dogs (part feist, part ? but Zooeybutt really looks like a miniature pit bull, very funny — obviously she’s not but one day someone stopped me to ask what breed? and I said mini-pit and she believed me. Duh. Not true.) Anyway, […]

GoFundMe campaign to feed my strays

Help me feed my dogs through August 2016 go to or see widget on left for link started a $500 go fund me campaign for my dogs. I’m not sure what else to say, it’s all on the site

If you don’t do it every day, you are damned to extinction.

Wear real clothes and change out of what you slept in — into clean clothes. Even if you don’t think you need to do it, take a shower.

Theory of Memory Relativity

My thoughts are thus: Nostalgia fuels memories. Memories fuel creativity. The reaction to the memory creates an action in the creative mind. Not the numbing sad mind, not the depressed mind but the whole mind. Paul King (computational neuroscientist) writes on Quora: Most likely, creativity is a whole-brain process, and creativity is maximized when information, knowledge, skills, and cognitive styles from all parts of the brain work in coordination to explore and organize as many divergent paths of thinking and feeling as possible. The nostalgia […]

Grinding One’s Teeth – a memoir

Holiday Inn, 1965. We took the first two weeks in Aug every year to go somewhere as family. Whirlpool shut down those weeks for maintenance and everyone went on vacation then. I guess Fort Smith (and Benton Harbor) emptied out and Labor Flight commenced. Ann’s in college, the 5 of us are almost done traveling together en masse. This is the trip to meet Senator McClellan (powerful but not scandalous) in DC (not to be confused with Sen Wilbur Mills […]

touring the south, the rise of agri-tourism

The post-NAFTA South is depending on tourism to bring it back from economic disparity. Everyone seems to blame NAFTA for their economic woes. Towns like Washington and Columbia, North Carolina, are hoping to capture tourism dollars to replace tax dollars formerly paid by factories like Hamilton-Beach, Procter Silex, Singer furniture, and the like. But it’s a hard row to hoe. Two new ideas have come to the forefront, lately. I wrote that in 2003 on Popmatters. Wow, it’s come true. […]

Close Your Eyes and Remember #1

Close your eyes. Think on this. Imagine the Seventh Grade back when we had Junior High Schools. (If you’re too young to do this — you can still read on, just think back to your youngest teenage years.) Not middle schools. Back when the US still had a designated involuntary delineation of time called “Junior High “, 7th – 9th grades were completed and then you entered High School as a sophomore for 10th – 12th grades of study. Do […]

Close Your Eyes and Remember #2

Seventh Grade and Gym Class Junior High Girl’s Gym Class. I had it second period. Yes, at 9:30 a.m. we were supposed to strip out of our clothes, put on over-sized blue cotton shorts and a button-up peter pan collared cotton shirt and thick white socks and Keds. White Keds. Then we were expected to play softball, exercise, run track, for 45 minutes, come back into the locker room, take a shower in stalls with no curtains or doors, get […]