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Ben Patterson FLUX/us in Houston

In Houston, TX in the Brown Gallery of the Contemporary Arts Museum has something FABULOUS Ben Patterson’s FLUX/us exhibition Let me repeat that The Contemporary Art Museum [Houston TX] just opened a fantastic exhibition by Fluxus artist/composer Ben Patterson. Information about the Exhibit available by clicking here. Biographical information on Wikipedia click here. You can hear some of his compositions on UbuWeb here. Life is sweet when FluXus offers such delights. A really interesting brief biography of Patterson is available […]

ShortStat Information of the Day

Currently, only 64% of the Assemblagist readers are English speaking Internet folks. How utterly charming is that? Apparently Russians read the Assemblagist since 16% of my readers come from that region of the world. Could be the cause is a proliferation of gaming sites mistakenly direct to me with some sort of URL hoochie coo? While such information details the title of this post, please do not concern yourself any further about the matter. Except to sing “U R L […]

A Blog in Flux

Switching to the newest incarnation of Elegant Themes “Coldstone” is going to take me a bit longer than I’d anticipated. Updated WordPress, Elegant Themes and now it seems I need to update my BRAIN. Fortunately, the work progresses nicely. I have figured out the “Featured Image” and now see the ET buttons on the top of the VISUAL icon set. Elegant Themes moved forward with design I stayed behind Now I see the light And updated Coldstone and the world […]

Perfecto X Oscuro as a Field Box Artwork

A Neo-Fluxus Inspired Art Source. I would like to thank Fred Hawkins for all his help with the MacEwan Manifesto curio cabinet. In today’s assemblagist news: The Art Fairy dropped off 27 wooden cigar boxes and 2 1907  Webster’s Unabridged Dictionaries. Huge books, probably six inches thick.

A Response to Gabriel Winant’s Arti­cle in Slate

“The revolution the South forgot. Life is grim today for Southern workers, and it has a lot to do with a massacre many have forgotten.” The article is spot on. This is not a debate against or opposed to Mr. Winant’s article. I’ll quote some of its salient points it in a bit but first I have a reaction, a gut-level local reaction. Yesterday, here in my little town in North Carolina, the Rural South which bears all the stereotypes […]

The Eve of Fluxus

At THE EMILY HARVEY FOUNDATION (New York) September 17, 2010 6:30 to 9:30PM Announcing a Book Launch for The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir by Billie Maciunas Visit The Eve of Fluxus online and order your book now. The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir Arbiter Press, Winter Park, Florida, 2010 The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir reflects Billie Maciunas’ unique experience as researcher, poet, and witness through her marriage to George Maciunas to some of the most interesting art of […]

Junior High Slumber Parties, ooooh!

Taken from an email to Amanda: Went to grade school with a boy named Titsworth. And a girl named, I swear to God, Frankie Lookey*. She had flaming red curly hair. I have a wonderful story for you about her: Her brother lived in the attic, pull down stairs so it was little more than a crawl space… he was high school age, we were in 7th grade. 1967 or ’68. Once, when I spent the night at her house […]

flux removers

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Deadline date for Regional Artist Project Grants is September 17, 2010.

We here in Nawth Carohline-ah occasionally suffer from Arts Deprivation. In order to fund our quest for visual stimulation, some additional resources prove necessary, even absolute. So some of us will meet at Emerge Gallery in Greenville for Pitt County Arts Council’s meeting of the monetary minds to learn all about Regional Artist Program Grant apps. click here for info re:other venues with the same workshop goals. I received  NC Arts Council funding for the original issue of The Dead […]

Sent in Proposal for “People in Space”

I can’t reveal the details yet. Will wait for response from Berwick Institute before continuing with dialog for “People in Space” proposal. The possibilities! Oh the possibilities! A 2010 Fluxus Happening in Singapore. Fluxus in Singapore. How absolutely terrific a prospect that is. The People in Space effort seems to oddly parallel or, at the very least compliment, the FluxFace in Space idea first posited by Cecil Touchon. The What Are We Waiting For? which I have created and sent […]