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BCAC 47th Fine Arts Show

Got so far behind creating my two entries, I didn’t sign my assemblages nor did I photograph the completed pieces. So, insert your internal interpretation of my work:  “Osprey” and do a mental photo here and then … insert a mental photo of “Hammer a Nail: A Tribute to John and Yoko” here. Aren’t imaginary images just the bomb? Picture the art. Then after the Wed night reception, I’ll post real photographs and you can see just how close you […]

Today we learned about chemical reactions.

We learned about pouring Bondo Fiberglas Resin into a rusted galvanized metal bucket that we got from Emanuel’s shed after it flooded in August. We (as in the Queen’s “we””) learned the metal will heat to hotter than we knew it could get… and it is probably not a happy fusion of metal and plastic. We quickly hung the bucket on a plant hook on the front porch (after removing the potted fern from the hook, of course) and we […]

Irene Art Exhibit at River Walk Gallery

Inspired by Irene A new exhibit by artists from all over Eastern North Carolina Call for artwork. Did you create any artwork while you were inside waiting for the storm to pass by? Did you finally get back into your studio afterwards, and create something that was inspired by the Hurricane or the disaster that was left behind? Or were you moved by all the helping hands that were there to help people pick up all the pieces of their […]

Heat and peat

Between the double hell that is Eastern North Carolina right now (peat fires smoldering and over-100 degree heat index), it’s hard to know what to do with my time. Mondays mean pottery studio and thank goober it’s air conditioned out at Slatestone Studio owned by local potter and muse, Carolyn Sleeper. Today, Sunday? It’s pool time with the grandsmacks. Not one word need be uttered about the Look of My 56 Year Old Self in a bathing suit. I did […]

Digital “Fluxus Reader” now available for free online

Exciting news from Ken Friedman! I’ve copied the entire email here so the word will spread! The “Fluxus Reader” is now available to all who wish to receive it. For free. Yes, you heard me. Free. Thanks Ken. Dear Colleague, The Fluxus Reader has been out of print for many years now. In the run-up to 2012, I’ve been getting requests for copies — I don’t have any, and I don’t know anyone who does. It’s clearly been a desirable […]

Visual Blessings

While reading today’s message from Robert Genn, two words jumped out at me. Visual Blessings. What an extraordinary descriptive phrase. Genn completes his daily essay with a quote: “Stuff your eyes with wonder; live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” (Ray Bradbury) If you’re an artist or a creative person and you don’t read Painter’s Keys, you should. This is a non-solicited endorsement […]

Learning about Book Binding from Lisa Beth Robinson

Ah, my minions… this day finds your concern for my artistic well-being both touching and unnecessary. You see, dear ones, I’ve been immersing myself in a new form of expression — Book Making! The Pocosin Arts Craft Center in Columbia, NC hosts a marvelous 4 day event each year – The Cabin Fever Reliever. This year, their eleventh, brought ECU’s finest to teach us amazing techniques. No less than Bob Ebendorf taught jewelry making with found objects, and for me, […]

Facebook Me and Who to Friend?

In a recent Facebook discussion, the true personality of someone I’d “friended” came to the forefront and it was a scary moment. If you follow me on FB and know to what I refer  [Jan. 21-22 or around thereabouts] this post will not surprise you. If you weren’t privy to the conversation, I won’t elaborate or copy/paste what occurred here online because the post and ensuing comments are not the focus here. The shock of sudden rancor and discourse — […]

WordPress Codex tips to successful blogging

I’ve been in this blogging biz for over a decade. Oh, who am I kidding? Since 1996, I’ve been adding pages to a site – a new page – every day. Isn’t that technically “blogging” but without the program?

Allen Bukoff’s new project

Ahhh, for all us fluxus capacitors and instigators and collaborators, the latest of Flux is Available online. The link below is to my contribution and I realize how incredibly shallow that must seem but I’ve never claimed to be altruistic (but I do claim to be the World’s Possum Whispering Champion for FIVE years straight, take that you beyotches) Here is me and also Allen’s fabfluxfeeenom site. Watch Not as a Stranger the movie Monster from Green Hell the movie […]