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Is Contentment a Form of Art?

I find my garden, my yard, and even my sidewalk to be sources of inspiration for art work. Alive with color even in winter, the textures and subtle shading found in bark or decaying leaves during gray days of overcast skies and threatening wind send me indoors with new ideas for even more assemblages. I’ve learned from my whittling friend Al that one needs to shellac or polyurethane wood brought in for reformation. The green sticks he whittles will dry […]

Collage Intended

Post-War Human Machine page from artist journal

Stretching the boundaries of known elements, this collage salutes the Human Machine.Yes, the laws of collage drive this artist machine. Understanding the laws of physics that drive this HUMAN MACHINE can provide new and different choices for behavior, which can remove the reason for PAIN and DISCOMFORT and DEGENERATION. Physicists now agree, I cannot teach a pig to fly. I might be able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but even that prospect seems negligible. Conditioning […]

ROOM 439 — Collage with 3-D objects

I should be delighted to share this. I really should. So I shall. The buttons are pre-1890s, a mother of pearl type. The medicine bottle without opium, comes from long ago and I thought the General Hospital envelope went just perfectly with the bottle. Room 439 Commercial Loan Origination Small Business Development Loans 24 Hour Pay Day Loan Student Loan Non Profit Chase College Loan New Jersey Auto Loan Security Auto Loans Online Payments Flagstar Bank Home Loans Federal Loans […]

Man Failure

Ah, so this is what happened to the world. Workmen all over the world, factory workers, women on the prowl, innocent children … all falling victim to pernicious day dreaming. Perhaps it is a good thing that Jon Stewart took over Colbert’s Super PAC. Mobile Car Loan Home Loan With Poor Credit Military Student Loan Repayment Pf Loan Form How To Become A Loan Officer Monthly Payment On A Loan Payday Overnight Loans Home Equity Loan Atlanta Fha Conforming Loan […]

Yard dolls and hanging obstacles

Now, if only I had a gallery … the Ode to Irene series nears completion. Must get myself into gear and find a space to display it. The hanging dolls out in the bushes and trees are almost feeble enough to eviscerate for more pieces such as this. I really like the web crotch, Special Forces developed this fighting technique back during the Boer Wars. Fast Cash Loans For Military Average Interest Rate On A Home Loan Payday Advace Car […]

Rici Marionettes from Prague

I’ve a new love and obsession — I must own at least a dozen Rici Marionettes. The pathway to my first purchase is clear and it’ll be a while until the acquisition is complete. And then, we here agree, a trip to Prague must be obtained. The journey … Click on the link and view the 360 of the “workshop”. After that, ask yourself if you could do it all over again – wouldn’t you make puppets? Marionettes? And work […]

Vision Into Art, Oceanic Verses Kickstarter Project

Photo of The Bee Baby by Valerie MacEwan Fascinating — reading descriptions and details of ideas and realtime involvement. Reading through the Kickstarter Project Proposals is an education unto itself. Take, for instance, the current Kickstarter in-the-funding-stage project (needs a little over $3,000 by Jan. 5) presented by Vision in Art “Oceanic Verses”. If I had the time, the money, the wherewithall, this would be my chisel*. (*thanks Tommy Tiernan) The project description: OCEANIC VERSES is a multimedia opera created by acclaimed new […]

Seasonal Successes Mean Quiet January Days

Well, I must say, preliminary sales reports for the fourth quarter of 2011 are encouraging. It appears The Assemblagist receipts could be up from 2010 by as much as 3x’s last year’s numbers. Ruth used to rail on anyone who used figures of % in amounts over 100, saying that if you have 100% — you can’t have any more because that is the total amount. How can you have more than that? So I won’t disgrace her mechanical engineer […]

Beaufort County Arts Council — Arts and Crafts Sale

Dec. 2 and 3, 2011 at the Civics Center downtown Washington, NC, you can view, purchase and admire in-person, my Assemblages and My Wearable Jewelry. I’ll also feature handmade journals, creative solutions to your worst holiday decorating nightmares and some very fine conversation. Join us, won’t you? The Sale opens on Friday at noon.

Jewelry and Wearable Art Through Assemblages

Just watching TV and as those silly Housewives bitch and moan, I take objects and combine them. Jewelry. Boxes. Assemblages. Post-Fluxus Memorials and Tributes. Altered Books. Altar Books. If possible, will sell Art at BCAC Arts & Crafts Sale on Dec 2-3 at Civic Center. If not possible, will sell Art on Etsy or here. prilosec and diarrhea side effects zanaflex picture drug yasmin drug information Buy Without Prescription cialis bph online tretinoin emollient cream side effects crestor hip pain […]