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Smoke on the Water with Sandy in the Clouds

One of the biggest local events is on tap for this weekend. Unfortunately, we have a storm to contend with now. I would imagine there are many small towns with big plans for this last weekend in October. It is traditionally Oktoberfest time as well as Halloween carnival time. The pumpkins here in the Pamlico Sound region are attracting lots of gnats and no-see-ums what with the warm, humid weather. The wind from the coming storm might be more than […]

The Dead Mule updates

We’re working on the Dead Mule back-end. This requires rewriting some of the code and stripping some of the old code. This means some of the “:?., and more are fubarred. Quotations marks are no longer ” but more like &*M or somesuch nonsense. Please bear with us. It’s not any fun for us to see the Mule all in such a sad state. We have other jobs, other commitments. Today, the Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show reared […]

Trees in Town

After reading about yarnbombing (yarnstorming to the politically correct among you) during my online Google Search class, I realized — once again — how ahead of the curve I am. A few years back when I thought creating jewelry might be my next area to conquer (and I was sorely mistaken) — friends donated lots of wire, beads, and nice little pliers. The jewelry thing never really worked out. What did work out, though, was my creating six foot long […]

Places I Have Known: People I Have Seen

Official start date for iBook featuring original art and photos… and short fiction and long fiction and creative non-fiction. title: Places I Have Known: People I Have Seen by Valerie MacEwan Just wanted to get that title out there and indexed because it’s mine. I said it. I typed it. More on this project soon. Meanwhile, here’s a link to another book in progress, if I can load the pdf correctly… the book features writing by Helen Losse, Phoebe Kate Foster […]

For my Fluxlist Friends on Facebook — Free Magazines

I am going to post information here about how to send me the postal $$ for boxes of magazines. I know my fellow artists would love these for assemblages and collages and I have more than I can use in a lifetime. Many of the magazines were purchased for about $3 a piece because I wanted the articles. Now I know most of these are scanned and available online so … my information glut is your gain. Probably a PayPal […]

Let me put you in a big pay business!

  We visited some relatives when I was a little kid and I remembered the small bronze baby shoes perched on slaps of marble displayed somewhere in the house. When I asked my Mom why Daddy didn’t have a set of “metal coated baby shoes”, she laughed and said we all wore out our baby shoes beyond recognition.

Cowboys Will Amuse You

Christine Tarantino and Art Books

My friend and collaborator Christine Tarantino is dusting off the collectibles and offering some amazing volumes for purchase online. I may be a bit biased as my work is included in one of the offerings. I will add more info soon but for now, check out Words of Light … since I broke finger my typing is wonky and this is iPad, so excuse crappy post style. Weekly Car Loan Calculator Union Bank Student Loans Student Loans For Students […]

Abstract Conceptualization and The Assimilator as Assemblagist

My sister Ann and I used to discuss the results of various learning style tests she gave me. I was her guinea pig while she worked her way through a teaching degree. Our general assessment of my “style” was that of Assimilator, someone who combines the learning steps of abstract conceptualization and reflective observation. Ann said I was the most random person she knew. I see myself as someone who looks to logic rather than practicality. In art and other […]

Current Portfolio — a few recent assemblages

She entered the room carrying a large green plastic bag filled with freshly picked collards. She wanted grits. Cheese grits. To serve with the collards.   Home Loan Scams What Is Deferment On Student Loans California Land Loan Bad Credit Long Term Loans North Carolina Student Loan Google Car Loan Calculator Arvest Student Loans Wachovia Car Loan Login Personal Loans Colorado Online Pay Loan Hdfc Nri Loan Fast Payday Loans Online Direct Lenders Information On Home Equity Loans Start Small […]

Ding Dong. It’s not the landshark, it’s a torn meniscus.

I shouldn’t be here. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. I’m supposed to be on the couch, watching Apple TV goodness and participating in the RICE routine for my poor fubarred knee. I’ve watched every episode of that Canadian wonder: Intelligence. Incredible show, boy howdy that Ian Tracy can really create a great Jimmy Reardon. Watch the show and find out how the Canucks really feel about the US. And for me, after just a few episodes, my resolve to see the […]