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Fluxus Institute’s Graduate Studies Program

According to the FluxNexus, Cecil Touchon’s Fluxus Institute’s Graduate Studies Program information is now available online. It seems appropriate that I enlist in such a program having not quite completed my Masters study at East Carolina University due to lack of interest on my part. Got rather tired of writing my thesis which involved researching the post-WWII GI Bill’s affect on the expansion of higher learning institutions in eastern NC and gag me but that was one boring topic. I […]

Pre-Edits: THe Ranting and Raving Comments of a Lunatic.

GLENN BECK, HOST: You know, Vilsack said that it is teachable moment here. Hot root beer? Great! Hot root beer? Yes, go ahead. What are you hiding behind the camera, Oscar? Like a hot root beer? Thank you very much. It’s a teachable moment. A year ago, we had a beer summit. I’m an alcoholic, recovering. Yes. So, we will have a root beer summit to see what we can learn from the mess with Sherrod. Has it — has […]

Quote of the Day

From Weird Animal News: “The donkey screamed and children cried,” regional police spokeswoman Larisa Tuchkova told AFP. “No-one had the brains to call police.” Dance with a Vampire movie online Killing Zoe movie Watch online Watch The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson the movie online omnicef refrigerated online seroquel sleep aid reglan and tardive dyskinesia effects glucophage er 500 mg hcl crestor medication 5 mg usa Buy pirate queen woman karaoke Buy aldactone 289 user reviews levaquin pill identification Buy female […]

Keith Olbermann’s finest Special Comment

Apparently Olbermann came out of his vacation bliss to respond to the tragedy that is Faux News treatment of  Shirley Sherrod’s career. It is time for everyone to listen to what they are saying, stand up against the racists who are paid by Rupert Murdock to spew hatred and fear. Here is the text of his Special Comment: Closed captioning of: Olbermann: The witch hunt vs. Sherrod and those who made it possible >>> with my thanks to lawrence o’donnell […]

Double blog post oh my god!

Yes, it’s true, right here in just a few minutes, Assemblagist will present a double blog post, oh my god. Hang on, gotta’ run to Tractor Supply for dog food first but when I return Double Blog Post, Oh MY God! What does it mean? Double Rainbow, oh my God! metformin 500mg tablets side effects drug lotrel cough generic Buy amoxil for sale alesse online no prescription for sale acticin cream used for hcl arjun tank times india effects prednisone […]

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

I wear gloves when pruning rose bushes. Obviously. We planted two rose bushes in honor of Mom’s 90th birthday five years ago.  Purchased at Plant and See in Greenville, NC, one bush remained small and insignificant due to lack of care and the other, a tea hybrid heirloom variety, spread across the picket fence like kudzu. It has small frail pale pink creamy colored roses and is gorgeous. We planted more roses last year. Not long ago, our next door […]

Early Influences and Disturbing Trends – Bullies?

The topic? Bullies. Been thinking about grade school through high school, trying to remember who pushed people around at Echols Grade School, Kimmons Junior High or Northside. It’s odd to recall cliques 40 years later, hell, who am I kidding… 50 years later. Don’t groups begin to form around first grade? Friends come and go, few relationships remain constant throughout adolescence. Less than a handful of people who were the center of my existence during the 1960s still remain in […]

Back to How I Ended Up at the 1972 Republican National Convention

Part Two of a Series I started this tale a few days ago and interruptions keep piling up on top of each other like bad news on election day — affecting my ability to get on with the story. The Saga continues as I enter the Junior High School Age. Winthrop Rockefeller wrestled control of the Arkansas legislative process from Orval Faubus and put a stop to gambling in Hot Springs (Casinos and slot machines not horse racing, Oaklawn Thoroughbred […]

The Republican National Convention, Miami, FL, 1972

Part 1 of a Series My political past surprises most people. I believe it is the extent of activity pre-1974 that contains the cultural hiccup in most minds. I grew up as the final child in a series of three. Birth order determines perception of the world. Don’t kid yourself, it truly does. My parents differed greatly from my sister’s. Hers was a childhood begun ten years before mine. Momma birthed this first baby girl in an Army hospital staffed […] tries to save the Gulf of Mexico

In what must be viewed as a truly action in Atlanta GA, I give you: What must be deemed a  “Citizen Barber – Beauty Shop Response” in Atlanta GA to the Gulf of Mexico British Petroleum Drilling Disaster: Using hair to sop up the oil spill! Genius. Grab that gunk of hair like it’s some kind unfinished casserole in a Pyrex dish sitting on the picnic table after your trashy but sincere cousin’s attempt to throw a nice Memorial […]