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Yard dolls and hanging obstacles

Now, if only I had a gallery … the Ode to Irene series nears completion. Must get myself into gear and find a space to display it. The hanging dolls out in the bushes and trees are almost feeble enough to eviscerate for more pieces such as this. I really like the web crotch, Special Forces developed this fighting technique back during the Boer Wars. Fast Cash Loans For Military Average Interest Rate On A Home Loan Payday Advace Car […]

Seasonal Successes Mean Quiet January Days

Well, I must say, preliminary sales reports for the fourth quarter of 2011 are encouraging. It appears The Assemblagist receipts could be up from 2010 by as much as 3x’s last year’s numbers. Ruth used to rail on anyone who used figures of % in amounts over 100, saying that if you have 100% — you can’t have any more because that is the total amount. How can you have more than that? So I won’t disgrace her mechanical engineer […]

Beaufort County Arts Council — Arts and Crafts Sale

Dec. 2 and 3, 2011 at the Civics Center downtown Washington, NC, you can view, purchase and admire in-person, my Assemblages and My Wearable Jewelry. I’ll also feature handmade journals, creative solutions to your worst holiday decorating nightmares and some very fine conversation. Join us, won’t you? The Sale opens on Friday at noon.

Jewelry and Wearable Art Through Assemblages

Just watching TV and as those silly Housewives bitch and moan, I take objects and combine them. Jewelry. Boxes. Assemblages. Post-Fluxus Memorials and Tributes. Altered Books. Altar Books. If possible, will sell Art at BCAC Arts & Crafts Sale on Dec 2-3 at Civic Center. If not possible, will sell Art on Etsy or here. prilosec and diarrhea side effects zanaflex picture drug yasmin drug information Buy Without Prescription cialis bph online tretinoin emollient cream side effects crestor hip pain […]

BCAC 47th Fine Arts Show

Got so far behind creating my two entries, I didn’t sign my assemblages nor did I photograph the completed pieces. So, insert your internal interpretation of my work:  “Osprey” and do a mental photo here and then … insert a mental photo of “Hammer a Nail: A Tribute to John and Yoko” here. Aren’t imaginary images just the bomb? Picture the art. Then after the Wed night reception, I’ll post real photographs and you can see just how close you […]

Today we learned about chemical reactions.

We learned about pouring Bondo Fiberglas Resin into a rusted galvanized metal bucket that we got from Emanuel’s shed after it flooded in August. We (as in the Queen’s “we””) learned the metal will heat to hotter than we knew it could get… and it is probably not a happy fusion of metal and plastic. We quickly hung the bucket on a plant hook on the front porch (after removing the potted fern from the hook, of course) and we […]

Irene Art Exhibit at River Walk Gallery

Inspired by Irene A new exhibit by artists from all over Eastern North Carolina Call for artwork. Did you create any artwork while you were inside waiting for the storm to pass by? Did you finally get back into your studio afterwards, and create something that was inspired by the Hurricane or the disaster that was left behind? Or were you moved by all the helping hands that were there to help people pick up all the pieces of their […]

Flux-​ing East­ern North Carolina

In the ongoing quest to focus the eastern NC ass-end of the Lesser Dismal Swamp, artists note the absolute confines of regional geographic limitations represented by death flux intimations. Yes. Seriously. How can we form cubist flux from that which is rounded? Not available. A recent happening on Brown St. 1. The artist walks on right side of street along curb. 2. The artist stoops to retrieve a fallen crab apple, shudders and sighs. 3. The artist pitches the crab […]

Re-purpose and re-use, it’s more than recycling

Went up to Williamson, NC yesterday to enter a couple of assemblage pieces in the Martin County Arts Council’s annual Fine Arts Show. It’s a small town arts council, served by volunteers and according to local Beaufort County Arts Council Director Joey Toler, they have no paid administrator, but I see they do have an internet presence. Googling produced some nice sites for Martin County in Florida… don’t be misled, here is our own MCAC for NC website. My neighbor, […]

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

After recovering from the astounding body blow that sprung from the fist of an English teacher who corrected my spelling of “ya’ll” into “y’all” – I began to publish more fiction and creative non-fiction for the April issue of the Mule. Over 35 new fiction pieces, a half-dozen essays, and some smash-grab poetry will be available in the wee hours of April 1. And that’s no fooling. The photo? It’s an illustration graphic for a story by Arkadelphian Eli Cranor. […]