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Sok Gallery

My goal, 200 artist books, seems almost attainable. I’m to 60+ books and the end of April (my self-imposed deadline) looms far not near. Yesterday’s additions derived from a new source! The Watergate Tapes… I’m folding the book that inspired my winning 3-D piece – “Fishing for Nixon”. Aged paperbacks fold nicely, thank you very much. The gallery photos arrive soon to an assemblagist near you… zestoretic 40 mg generic zocor dosage duration side effects Topamax yasmin drug interactions price […]

Artist’s Books As Environmental Art – The Sok Gallery

If everything old is new again, then my creating artist’s books from discarded textbooks is Vintage NuvoFluxus in its essence. The artist formerly known as me completed 15 Artist Books last week, complete with a sok for each and a cotton-string tag explaining the idea behind the book. Portrait of same to be included in Sok Gallery of Outsider Texts* which is scheduled to go online early April 2010. *that’s not a link Speaking of me. No, let’s talk about […]

Artist’s Books Made From Old Textbooks

Using a folding technique I picked up online (like a tramp during fleet week, the template screamed at me from across the dock), new books spring forth (not fall back) from the studio. Acquired a 1938 sixth grade geography book “The New World Past and Present” and after reading all about the South after the Civil War which wasn’t at all civil, now was it?, I decided to rip out the map pages and fold them into nice little NuvoFluxus […]