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Places I Have Known: People I Have Seen

Official start date for iBook featuring original art and photos… and short fiction and long fiction and creative non-fiction. title: Places I Have Known: People I Have Seen by Valerie MacEwan Just wanted to get that title out there and indexed because it’s mine. I said it. I typed it. More on this project soon. Meanwhile, here’s a link to another book in progress, if I can load the pdf correctly… the book features writing by Helen Losse, Phoebe Kate Foster […]

Cowboys Will Amuse You

Christine Tarantino and Art Books

My friend and collaborator Christine Tarantino is dusting off the collectibles and offering some amazing volumes for purchase online. I may be a bit biased as my work is included in one of the offerings. I will add more info soon but for now, check out Words of Light … since I broke finger my typing is wonky and this is iPad, so excuse crappy post style. Weekly Car Loan Calculator Union Bank Student Loans Student Loans For Students […]

Collage Intended

Post-War Human Machine page from artist journal

Stretching the boundaries of known elements, this collage salutes the Human Machine.Yes, the laws of collage drive this artist machine. Understanding the laws of physics that drive this HUMAN MACHINE can provide new and different choices for behavior, which can remove the reason for PAIN and DISCOMFORT and DEGENERATION. Physicists now agree, I cannot teach a pig to fly. I might be able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but even that prospect seems negligible. Conditioning […]

Learning about Book Binding from Lisa Beth Robinson

Ah, my minions… this day finds your concern for my artistic well-being both touching and unnecessary. You see, dear ones, I’ve been immersing myself in a new form of expression — Book Making! The Pocosin Arts Craft Center in Columbia, NC hosts a marvelous 4 day event each year – The Cabin Fever Reliever. This year, their eleventh, brought ECU’s finest to teach us amazing techniques. No less than Bob Ebendorf taught jewelry making with found objects, and for me, […]

Artists Books Made From Real Books

Currently speaking, the obsession of this Assemblagist is to fold books. Paperbacks, 1950s Reader’s Digests, NC geography textbooks from 1930s but of course you already know that if you read my blog. The difficult part of the process lies in constructing the covers for the books. I make the covers from all manner of items. The Center for Book Arts is a good opening move for you if you want to see how books are made.

fluxus artist’s books – a folded retrospective shakespeare to salinger

Over 200 books folded and fabulous. Found a copy of Joe McGinniss “The Selling of the President” in paperback – on my shelf from a U of A class in 1973, required reading and it MUST BE USED, will begin fluxing the book today. *This post written just after Sarah Palin went apeshit over McGinniss living next door to her Mozilla Home. The post here talks about folding books also.

The TrAVeliNG FluX mUSEum Progress Notes

International Fluxhibition #4 is online and might I say, Cecil Touchon has done quite an amazing job. While a formal introduction (shaking of hands and how-are-you?s) does not yet exist between us, the use of “Mr. Touchon” seems a bit formal here so I shall assume we are now on a first name basis. There’s a new Flux Case project and we Fluxers have our ephemera all in a wad over it. I’m thinking some stereoptican slides, sliced precisely to […]


What to do when you can’t find the right tool for the job

I am stymied in my 200 artist book manufacture. The first 35 went quickly into production and I utilized E6000 glue to create the spine. E6000 will secure a live chicken to the bumper of a Volvo.  But now the book covers will be comprised of matchbook covers and I need small, ever so tiny, staples to secure the spines. Stapled Spines. Sounds like a punk rock group, doesn’t it? Or like my personal spine, lumbar-fused with pedicle screws. For […]

FluxTubes and matchbook artist books

I’m currently involved in quite the project. My goal is 200 artist’s books (see previous posts) but rather than enclose the books in some type of boxlike contraption of my own choosing, I’m going to give them all away. I have large, heavy cardboard tubes (given to me by local freestyle site participant) that are 2-4 feet in length and 3-6 inches in diameter. These fluxtubes will dispense the matchbook artist books, similar to a public restroom condom dispenser. Gross […]

Artist’s Books

Have completed 12 artist’s books. My goal is to keep making them until I run out of materials – in other words – forever. The books thus far are created from: Dante. a Geography/History textbook 1939. College trigonometry textbook. College mathematics textbook. 1964 McCall’s magazine. 1968 1001 Interior Design magazine. In the early 1970s the artist’s book began to be recognized as a distinct genre, and with this recognition came the beginnings of critical appreciation of and debate on the […]