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Afterimage by Helen Humphreys

Superb book. I have to quote it here for a while, sit back and let the words flow into you. This is, unquestionably, one of the most beautiful paragraphs I’ve read in the last ten years. Eldon is a map maker, late 20th century, eating alone in large formal dining room — on an English estate. Eldon bends his head over his plate of underdone turkey, which has been hacked from the bone in rough, stringy wedges. There’s the whicker […]

Assemblagist Art

[Show thumbnails] thought I’d get all fancy shmancy and try to enter a NextGEN image gallery here. we’ll see how this turns out. Clicking on the photo advances the frames… or you can wait … and wait …

Studio Reorganization Attempt #23

It’s time to sort or be sorted. Art or get off the pot. And the announcement of my first annual ever Tear Up a Book Today Day. Halloween-Momentumis Life is passing by, the spooks of yesterday’s art projects linger in the room. I am fidgeting through box after box of ephemera, paraphernalia and googley gooks. Some of you know I recently gave away 100s of vintage Look, Life and other 1950-1960s magazines to my fellow collage artists. Paper grows old […]

The Assemblagist Assembles

The Assemblagist, Valerie MacEwan, loads her first WPA today.


In the development of the Absolute, the definition of the substance evolves into a pluralistic tendency grounded firmly in the realism of the period.

What is a Cubist Collage?

  For real information about a Cubist Collage, click here for a more relevant post. An attorney in Brooklyn, NY recently sent a link to a very interesting discussion concerning collages. Since laywers have to go to collage for a long time, I figured he knew what he was talking about. I went to collage in North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, and even Holland (that’s The Netherlands for your purists). Collages… my favorite way to learn: “Collage has thus been […]

How to Create a Cubist Collage, Part 1.

  While researching Cubist collage techniques, the history of Matisse and his Cubist contributions, this nice bit of “how to” came up on Google. Many thanks to Ken Schwab for posting a lesson plan geared toward high school-age art students on The Assemblagist gives you these “Tips”: 1. Magazines to cull for photos, text, color in collage construction can usually be found on the FREE table at your local library. 2. Take old old magazines from your doctor’s waiting […]

An Artistic Legerdemain

Work continues on the Ann Head but progress is slow. This sore throat/fever/aches and pain – stuffy and I can’t rest syndrome is for the birds. My sedentary days make the dogs nutzo bazooms because I won’t take them for a walk until the sun goes down and the air is cooler. My little household fills quickly with internal squalor as my health declines. Rob [my muse] remained home last night as The Assemblagist ventured out into the public domain […]

David Munroe — Artist

Facebook offers myriad opportunities to network with artists from all over the world. Sometimes their work is collaborative, like my ABAD friends and IUOMA friend/artists. David Munroe is one such talented artist with a unique view of the world. Click here to find him on —>>  Facebook <<—. My creative process involves experimenting with various mediums and methods of infusing texture, iridescence and illumination into my work. I try to show energy and vitality in my paintings while simultaneously portraying […]

Mockingbird Brothers leave storm offerings at back door

Every time I let the dogs outside, something new is near the door. On the mat. I thought Roxie (dog) was leaving objects for my attention. Now I realize it must be the Mockingbird Brothers. They were in the raintree on a limb just over the garage, right there… guilty. These old safety/welding glasses are pretty fab. eh? So far there are four objects. I will check for more… oops, found another, and another … food? a coffee cake? dog […]

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