Ben Patterson FLUX/us in Houston

In Houston, TX in the Brown Gallery of the Contemporary Arts Museum has something FABULOUS Ben Patterson’s FLUX/us exhibition Let me repeat that

The Contemporary Art Museum [Houston TX] just opened a fantastic exhibition by Fluxus artist/composer Ben Patterson.

Information about the Exhibit available by clicking here.

Biographical information on Wikipedia click here.

You can hear some of his compositions on UbuWeb here.
Life is sweet when FluXus offers such delights.

A really interesting brief biography of Patterson is available on the African American Performance Art Archive
[learn_more caption=”Fluxus and Patterson”]Ben Patterson, a 1956 graduate of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor’s Music program, both conforms to and differs from some of the accepted Fluxus ideologies and practices. Like many other Fluxus artists, Patterson engaged in different types of work which were at their core experimental and performance-based. His work is wide and can be understood as existing in and between systems of classification such as ‘art’, ‘music’ and ‘text’. Click on the AAPAA link above for more …  [/learn_more]

A smidgen of research reveals Patterson’s Pittsburgh roots.

As my Mars PA darling youngster just left NC a few hours ago to drive back to PA, it’s nice to have a Pittsburgh story on which to dwell. I must remember to ask Billie (Maciunas) if she knew of Patterson since I just read on the Clay Street Press website: “Commuting between Paris and West Germany, Patterson assisted George Maciunas in organizing the historic 1962 Fluxus Festival in Wiesbaden.” And that information, via Mark Patsfall’s site, completes the circle of today since Patsfall’s business lies in Cincinnati, OH where my family originated. There, enough family linkage to the topic, moving on…

Smith’s missive also thrills for more reasons than Ben Patterson’s emergence. UbuWeb is truly back and alive for all of us to enjoy. I recall some weeks past that the site’s security breach resulted in serious hacking activity.

[learn_more caption=”Ubu Hacking” state=”close”]UbuWeb Hacked UbuWeb’s media servers were hacked in mid-October. Most of the damage has been repaired. However you might find a few links that are down. We’re working on correcting it all. Ubu will be moving our media files to a new server over the next few months so hopefully the sporadic outages that we’ve been experiencing lately will be remedied. Thank you for all your supportive wishes during this difficult period. [/learn_more]

Truly a travesty and a damn shame. Ubu Web offers some of the web’s finest acoustical moments. If you want to take an evening and lose it, click around in Ubu for a bit. Immerse yourself in its goodness.

But let’s return to Patterson and some Fluxus thoughts, shall we?

When discussing FluXus, the debates of the 1950s through 1970s continue to this day. Were there rules? If Fluxus was a response to rules, a protest of the rules of the art world, how could an artist then break rules of Fluxus? The AAPAA discussion link above will capture the attention of anyone interested in the subject. The complete Fluxus dialog I’m currently composing will be available by Christmas*. The injection of Patterson’s current exhibition into the content truly moves me in one more direction. Discussions of Fluxus past, present, current, now, then, later, woulda’, shoulda’ continue throughout the online and real world. Check Facebook for proof — go ahead, you’ll find us there bickering and arguing, agreeing and loving the discussions.

(*Christmas which means “the holidays” and the term is a ubiquitous one as “Christmas” pretty much means to everyone reading my blog that the “end of December” is the intended dateline, right?)

For me, reading Billie Maciunas’s “The Eve of Fluxus” published earlier this year, the definition and the debate becomes much more clear as one reads of the last moments, literally just a small bit of his life, spent with Billie. Billie truly opens a vein and lets her lifeblood flow with this narrow volume. It’s as if we, the reader, are rifling through the personal hope chest of a momentary marriage. Later this week, I’ll write more about Billie’s Eve but more research on Patterson takes my mind away from such endeavors tonight.

For another internet protuberance, check out Camouflage Lenses.

[learn_more caption=”Camouflage Lenses”]This is a notebook stuffed with cinegrams, videos, poems, opinions, reviews and scraps. A blog should present new works of art that are specifically made to be seen on the blog. Less news – more stuff. A cinegram is a short motion picture that uses images and text that are packed with meaning and suggestion. It’s my new word for things I once referred to as film poems. (taken from the website, so obviously “I” is not me, Valerie, ok? So, now click on the link and check out the site.) [/learn_more]

“Eve of Fluxus” dialog later this week. Comments on What To Serve For Thanksgiving and Who You Should Invite online by the 15th. New Flash Fiction in the Dead Mule online by my birthday, November 30th. Alien Prosy signing out.

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