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Matchbook Covers as Art

The last Woodside Antiques auction we attended must have been in, what… January? That’s when we acquired the Victorian scrapbook and the sewing basket filled with dozens of spools of vintage thread. And the Victorian handmade lace, the 1920s dresses… great bunches of “stuff” at some very low prices. Yes, I’m talking to myself. Didn’t I end up with a huge box filled with matchbooks? It was the time I bid without knowing I’d done so? Yeah, it’s all coming […]

Anonymous Postcard

Sometimes a great notion becomes a reality. Tucker Nichols removes the mundane and confusing olive pits left unconsumed when one finishes the martini of life and creates something beautiful. The Anonymous Postcard. Submit your claim today. I did. To the family in the yellow house around the corner – Please clean up after your dog. My yard is not a toilet. I don’t care if your floofloo registered poodle gets groomed twice a month and has painted toenails. Her poo […]

Installation Art Opportunity

The Public Art Program of the Utah Arts Council announces a call for artist qualifications for the creation of site-specific public art for the Northern Utah Veteran’s Nursing Home in Ogden, Utah. Interested artists and/or artist teams are encouraged to submit a letter of interest, images of their work and qualifications. The deadline for submitting material is 5 p.m. on May 28, 2009. Budget: $132,000 Specifics on the projects are available on the Utah Arts Council web site at: […]

IBX Artist Collective

As the beginning entry concerning the IBX Artist Collective, let me herewith state how relieved we all are to find you.

Ephemera from Ebay!

Rules of Assemblage. 1. Buy ephemera.

Adding a new gallery tonight

This is not just an altered book. Dragonwyck creates a mood, a moment in time… more on this particular piece will be revealed after the Oscars are over and when I have a brain again. And it is also not clearly available, although the gallery is loaded because the page is under the header image, the green graphic, and this must be corrected. You can see Dragonwyck Gallery by clicking here. Comedy Central Presents Season Fifteen movie review Download Rock […]

Looking into Red Bubble

Red Bubble offers amazing photographs at excellent prices.

Janis Owens: The Cracker Kitchen

Okay, it’s out. Give it a shout. Buy now. Buy The Cracker Kitchen paypal viagra purchases online carafate wikipedia price fluoxetine tiredness side effects hcl gasex formula side effects addiction to trazodone hcl clonidine in children drug periactin espanol price nitrofurantoin walmart side effects hair loss on accutane Buy Without Prescription bactrim milk drug doxycycline eye infection price digoxin and kidney function for sale unisom dogs drug ceftin side effects dizziness Buy Without Prescription cialis 0.25 mg hcl adalat la […]

Altered Books Workshop

Ms. Brazelton’s book was the first of what has now become an extensive Art Library. Easy to read. Inspirational. Tools & Materials. Basic Techniques. Tips. Collages, papers, books… and more. This post serves as a template for further reviews and is the first time I’ve utilized the Book Reviews Plugin by Lee Penny. There are other books plugins which I will try later. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang movie review Download Oh God You Devil movie Download God on Trial movie […]

Indentured Servant

This assemblage box is a tribute to my father’s family. To the women who came to New York City as indentured servants and who re-paid their passage, married, and moved westward. The Girl Next Door aka Jack Ketchums The Girl Next Door movie download On the Buses movie on dvd Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil the movie antabuse effect side effects revit user group australia side effects januvia forum generic bentyl 20 mg side effects generic zofran […]