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October 2005 A post about Daddy

Posted on Thursday 13 October 2005 Found this card with my father’s things. He went to New Orleans in, I think, early 1942, on his way to OCS. Most of his letters from the WWII era involve food. If Daddy had something good to eat, he was just fine. Stationed at Newport News, VA, he was a Lt., had something to do with loading Liberty Ships. Mother worked as a civilian for Army personnel, interviewing and hiring civilians for the […]

Back in 2005, I Tried and Succeeded in Saving a Pure Oil Station here in Washington NC

Written and posted on back in 2005, I heard the Presbyterian Church was planning to tear down our beautiful vintage iconic Pure Oil Gas Station and something just went *bing* in my head and I had to stop them. So here it is, in its entirety, the post from the past. Names and contact info changed since 2005, small town politics, actually many names are the same, it’s what position they currently hold that’s different.

Gertrude O. Breck and My Dad

One ponders much whilst planting zucchini. Today’s topic? The Natural Body. In the United States of America, we loathe all things natural which occur to our bodies. We spend an inordinate amount of money, an obscene portion of our income, on getting rid of: freckles, stretch marks, wrinkles, age spots, gray hair, leg hair, underarm hair (and don’t let’s forget back, nose, and ear hair) come on, join in: cuticles, moles (benign little flat round ones, famous models get to have them […]

The Great Run of Southern Literature Is Over … Not.

Posted on Monday 18 February 2002 An essay, originally published in Popmatters. The encounter at Piggly Wiggly is certainly dated, now in 2016 when we all understand email (right, we do? got that. You do understand it and you are not an idiot.) We have Facebook now, we have Twitter, it’s fascinating how far we’ve come: Linton Weeks, in the Washington Post, claims that, by the mid-1970s, the “great run of Southern literature was coming to an end.” The Fugitives […]

Living in the Town of James Brown, Get Down!

Aiken, South Carolina, once known to residents as the Land of James Brown… this story is 98.9% true: Back in, ohhh, must have been Autumn 1987, late one night, hours past midnight, a neighbor living on the other side of the woods called to tell me about an escaped convict. A convict on the loose in my two-acre wood — a convict coming toward my house. I had a vision of Steve McQueen as Max Sand, wearing striped prison garb, […]

Ruth and Bob See Alaska

Reading Mom’s travel journals: On to Alaska. Life with Ruth wasn’t always filled with poignant moments of sentimental elderly encounters. She and Daddy were real characters. Ruth born 1917, Bob in 1915 … yes, the Great Generation. Certainly they qualified for the best parents. Couldn’t find fault with them in life or in death. Enjoy, those of you who knew Ruth here in Washington, those who enjoyed her humor and smile. Even if you didn’t know her, I think you’ll appreciate […]

Remembering The Prostitution of Art, 2010

Recalling previous art “calls” so that would be Art ReCalls? Oh hell yes.

Cubist Collage

I know my Cubist Collages still work and that when I attended Cubist Collage, my degree, my ASS degree, still – to this day – provides me with knowledge use I create every day with my Art. Collage your words.

Arts of the Pamlico

You’ve reached The Assemblagist. A website and blog owned by Artist and Writer: Val MacEwan. Ms. MacEwan is a proud supporter of her local arts council: Arts of the Pamlico 150 W. Main Street Washington, NC 27889 The arts council’s Website is located at Arts of the Pamlico. The Arts Council is located in the restored portion of the Turnage Theater in downtown Washington. you can also twit or Facebook them by the links below: facebook twitter

Roxie, RIP

Lost a dog yesterday. Roxie died. Seven and a half years of unconditional love. Good bye, sweetie. She died peacefully with me stroking her head and telling her stories about running in the dog park with her best buddies.