An influential artist once declared 2009 to be the “Year of Assemblage“. Those of us who remain firmly grounded upon the pocosin of common sense application can well appreciate the rumor in this announcement. Now it’s 2015 and we’re still in the Year of Assemblage. The Decade of Assemblage must and will go on, ever onward. Always forward into the past.

The beauty of the assemblagist mind, the pure and passionate intensity of their vision, unfanciful and undressed up. Such artists have nightmares in which they can not distinguish the true from the literate. Waking within the confines of a normal structure will determine the outcome of the moment.
–Spencer Montgomery

In the development of the Absolute, the definition of the substance evolves into a pluralistic tendeDSfrom a book of fluxus by fluxedrly grounded firmly in the realism of the period.


This, then, is how the assemblage artist thinks. In concrete literal definitions of immutable objects. Lessened only by contact with reality, these objects become desires.

That’s all I’m saying… and it’s true. Those readers who do not embrace the Reality of Assemblage Combined have never vvalemtine1isited a 91-year-old dementia patient who just broke their elbow and cracked open the back of their head because she forgot she no longer knew how to walk.

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3 Responses to AsSEMblaGE iN DeSIGn

  1. David Whitt says:

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, You are as crazy as can be. that’s why we love you. Just want to check out what was going on. We don’t want none of them commies creaping in.

  2. admin says:

    Pinko Commies are the worst – they’re faux and fearsome. Artists must embrace socialism, I feel, due to the current economic climate in Swan Quarter and Bug Tussle. Don’t forget Lizard Slip and Terrapin Track… hotbeds of discontent. Ya’ll take care now, hear?

  3. Caroline says:

    That slideshow really looks amazing!

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