Artist’s Books

Have completed 12 artist’s books. My goal is to keep making them until I run out of materials – in other words – forever. The books thus far are created from:
Dante. a Geography/History textbook 1939. College trigonometry textbook. College mathematics textbook. 1964 McCall’s magazine. 1968 1001 Interior Design magazine.

In the early 1970s the artist’s book began to be recognized as a distinct genre, and with this recognition came the beginnings of critical appreciation of and debate on the subject.

I have to do more research. Since I live in a cultural vacuum, with input from internet and tv and magazines/books, it surprises when I discover my outsider art is coming indoors. Like the JAB.

Photo gallery online later this week. For now, I’m just posting about how rewarding artist’s books are to make. For me. For you? Probably not so fun. What strikes some of you as odd is my destruction of perfectly good books and magazines in my quest to construct artist’s books. It’s a deconstruction to construction process. I think the magazine artist’s books are the coolest, no wait, it’s the  math books, no it’s not…

It’s much like the altered book process but the book does not remain the same object, the same virtual form. Okay, that’s disjointed enough for now, “It’s Me or the Dog” is on in the background and I can’t stop listening to it.

One quick point – I am pretty much a recluse. Lots of reasons, both mental and physical. So when I start perusing art online, like John Cage’s work or items made from matchboxes, it startles me. At first – artists/writers are dismayed by the sameness of their craft but then we realize, we all have the same items to work from and we change them, alter them, to suit our specific artistic need or vision. As previously stated, more on this later — right now I have to clean house like a motherf’er because friends are coming this week and Art Must Wait.

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