Artists Books Made From Real Books

Currently speaking, the obsession of this Assemblagist is to fold books. Paperbacks, 1950s Reader’s Digests, NC geography textbooks from 1930s but of course you already know that if you read my blog. The difficult part of the process lies in constructing the covers for the books. I make the covers from all manner of items. The Center for Book Arts is a good opening move for you if you want to see how books are made.

The question is: How much do I share and how much do I save as my artistic vision? I can write a tutorial on the MacEwan Book Folding Imperative but anyone can google “make books” or some nonsense and figure out my method.  For a basic Artist Book: I fold a page in half – over and over – three times. Then I open the final fold back into the original second fold and cut the fold like half-way to the center. Then I re-fold to the third half-fold and voila, 8 pages.

I Wish For Salve

The Fluxus Part of Me says to contribute — to give. See, my interpretation of Fluxus Idealism contains this dictum: Art is For All. No price reflects the importance of the piece in question, the piece in question is worth whatever value each individual viewer places on the experience. Art is Experiential. It is a Give and Take and Give Experience.


The Artist Gives the Object to the Viewer who in turn Takes the Experience into Account, Witnesses and Ponders, Then Returns the Object Back to the Artist and the Piece becomes new, refurbished, re-made in its experiential self because it is changed every time someone else experiences it.

Each Witness Creates a New Definition.

This is New Art… same as the old art.

e formulation for book folding method Step 2.B

There is no past, no future, only the present. The Now. The Fluxus Experience is Ongoing but it is Stagnant. It is this constant theoretical upheaval pushing Fluxus Foward while it remains in the same place.

Never forget this minor fact when reading this blog: The Author is Southern  U.S. and lives in a swamp on a pocosin*. Water moccasins, gators, no-see-ums, and black insect water… everything is mildewed, everything covered with mold spores. Such realities do tend to shade my observations of life and art and all things in The South is and it’s in us, those of us who choose to dwell here.



n. Chiefly South Atlantic U.S.

A swamp in an upland coastal region. Also called regionally dismal.

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