Art and Menopause: The Politics of Hot Flashes

I speak, of course, of the “body politic.” It’s a pun and a terrible one at that. After quizzing several artist friends of similar age to my own, I’ve come to a startling conclusion.

The single-most significant inhibitor to true creative, non-stop, start-to-finish, productive quality time in the studio for women over 50?

Hot Flashes.

Men have no clue what we mean but then again, hormones do fuel the artistic flame in ways they can never know.

I am here today to let my female menopausal buddies in on a little secret. I’ve found RELIEF from hot flashes and you’re going to love this. (*This is definitely NOT a paid endorsement. I’d even bet the good old boys down in Arab, Alabama will swoon in their Lycra bicycle shorts when they hear how their product helps hot flashy women.)

It’s Froggtoggs. The cooling towel. The chilly pad. The all sports, all terrain, all purpose cooling towel. No more black cohosh tea, no more HRT, no soy products. Ya’ll just get yourselves one of these chilly pads, wring it out with the initial hot water and then slap that cooling towel across your thighs! Yes, THIGHS. I swear to all that is menopausal, it works. No more cold showers in the middle of the day.

Try one. They are $14.95 at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Durham, that’s where I picked mine up for Rob to use when working out but guess what? It’s mine now.

froggtoggs — as they advertise — It’s all about being cool. Cool in menopausal terms is an antonym — am I right? Not anymore.  And if there’s a space for it, tell them Valerie MacEwan sent you — confuse the fool out of them… hey?

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