An email to Mary Bennett

The heat causes lunacy.

Sunshine and clouds mixed. Very hot. Heat index near 110F. High near 100F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph.

Truly… and to prove my insanity, let me copy/paste my Sunday morning email message to dear Mary in Arkansas:

Everyone needs to make a flux case. Old fishing tackle boxes make great flux cases, especially when combined with little plastic lure cases.

We ventured out in heat yesterday to go to movie in Gville (30 min drive) Arrived after movie began so we went to Sam’s to buy stuff until next showing. Got out of Sam’s around 5:30 and AC in car stopped working. We drove across town to theater, not more than a 10 minute drive, and internal temp (volvo thermometer in dash) reported 120 degrees — windows down and sun blaring down on us. Goodgodfuckinglordalmighty. I thought I was going to have a stroke. And it seems the wave is going to continue

and what sucks even more is Volvo dealer is in Wilmington (we got car there) near Rob’s mom, and we have to take car in for some kind of fuel pump recall and they can fix the fuse to the dashboard fan that is the root of AC problem and that means

no AC in the car until we can get Volvo appt. and we are scheduled to take boys to Durham to Lemur center on Tuesday. We have old Dodge van (aptly licensed plate’d – The Mule – on it) and AC works but driving it over 100 miles in this kind of heat might not be a good idea…. and on and on about how the heat THE FUCKING HEAT is making us crazy.

ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AWESOME MOVIE GO SEE IT if you haven’t already GO GO GO. Inception’s glory stems from its ability to not get lost in its own logic. I hate most movies because I find the hiccup, the “no one would think or act that way” in the middle of the plot and it destroys the show … I had no logic hiccup in Inception. Of course, like Shutter Island, Leo is bound – I think by some kind of strange parallel universe coup – to star only in movies which appeal to my MY personal sense of logic…

I’m on couch with dog in lap, it’s hard to type so I leave off whole words and sentences so sorry but hell…

Today’s high is 100 (not heat index, the temp) and it’s already 96 at 11:20 am.


ha. As Rob says, “What are we supposed to do, open the windows?” Okay, time for another cup of coffee.

I am sending you this email as proof that I am the same person I was 35+ years ago. I never needed any artificial stimuli to ramble on about little of significance… and back then I had not discovered caffeine.

How ever did we survive in the early 70s? How did we do it? I mean, pot made us laugh and stay in one location, no social networking other than “Hey!” when someone came in the room, and “Turn it up” when a particularly promising guitar riff began on stereo…

Now it’s the oddest thing to be mid-50s, isn’t it? Do you look in the mirror and wonder who you see? How did I get here? When I have no mirror, I go about my day as I always have — it’s such a shock to catch a glimpse of the grandsons holding my hand as I walk past a store window — who is that limping middle-aged frump with those two adorable boys? wow, she needs a make-over…

enough, ramble now thrown back to you — oh friend — tennis? in this heat? are you fucking nuts?


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    3 Responses to An email to Mary Bennett

    1. VGoob says:

      You’re having the heatwave I had for my birthday, hon. Hate that, I do. Look at it this way – at least we’re not in eastern Iowa where that dam broke because of 15 inches of rain in 48 hours.

      Also, you a funny goob. Huzzah!

    2. VMac says:


    3. lishywishy says:

      woonderful to read! expressed so well. so sorry about ac in car. how awful, too.
      keep a cooler in your car or that little rolling bag abr gave to you, so you can be prepared.

      i was n chas. one time to visit tiz and owen. soon as we got home from the airport, a storm came and knocked the power until midday the next day. i had some of that seabreeze stuff with me, and they used it all night. it never got below 96 degrees. we had windows open but no breeze. it was awful in that 1750’s house.

      thanks for the good story, missy.


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