An Artistic Legerdemain

9 - the artWork continues on the Ann Head but progress is slow.

This sore throat/fever/aches and pain – stuffy and I can’t rest syndrome is for the birds. My sedentary days make the dogs nutzo bazooms because I won’t take them for a walk until the sun goes down and the air is cooler.

My little household fills quickly with internal squalor as my health declines. Rob [my muse] remained home last night as The Assemblagist ventured out into the public domain to seek inspiration and comfort amongst friends and family.

While the opening act proved sufficient to reduce my ill-gotten cold symptoms, by the second hour my throat began to its quick descent into complete oblivion as my tonsils and adenoids became visions of past infections.

That lobotomy sure worked swell, Bob.

That lobotomy sure worked swell, Bob.

Today is fit only for mild artistic endeavors and lots of fruit smoothie consumption.

With hopes for improvement upon the ‘morrow, I leave you for now, dear friends. (Does morrow need a ‘?)

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