Assemblages Works Gallery

The Spencer Montgomery Gubernatorial Accumulation Trust recently acquired a conflagration of Assemblagist pieces from my random catalog. Please join us in combining our mutual appreciation with the talent incumbent upon mass domestication and view the splendor which is The Valerie MacEwan Collection, sponsored in part by Robert J. Heinold and The Scarp Family Singers.

Please walk quietly through the galleries but remember, no flux is complete without the viewer experience so make every trip a happening.

*The true “assemblagist” utilizes vocabulary as well as found objects in the creation of latitudes and longitudes.


more pictures to be posted here soon … Spencer Montgomery went on Sabbatical and failed to return on the required date posted on his work visa application. We suspect he is hiding upstairs, behind the bunk bed, shirking his responsibilities and leaving what must be done undone. There’s a name for that — we call it lame-o. Come back, Spencer Montgomery and fill this page with your work.



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