Against the Climate of Materialism by Valerie MacEwan. See pages -in the Header – for more links to my art.

4 Responses to Assem­blages

  1. Cathy says:

    love your work!

  2. V MacEwan says:

    Thank you so very much. I enjoy creating the unusual from the usual.

    Much of my work represents an archival approach to found objects, left-over ephemera, and bits and pieces of river-to-shore ≈ driftwood and beach glass.

    It’s a great day to be alive.
    V MacEwan

  3. Leatrice says:

    Anecdotes are not data, but I know several households that cotutibrned to the trend. All were basically in the same situation: one spouse was working, the other was NIL staying home to deal with children, an elderly parent, writing a book, working on a degree, whatever. When the working spouse lost their job, both started looking for work.

  4. I didn’t see the famous excuse around here: ” How come I have to do everything around here?” Oh… wait! That’s what I say. Nevermind. (Actually I have heard my kids say that but I’m pretty sure it’s something they learned from me.)Very funny post! I love all of your graphics. How do you find them all?

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