A writer needs a muse

It’s difficult for a writer to compose without a specific audience in mind. Each blog post here has a person behind it. No one need understand who that person is, for the most part.

So, as you don’t read this blog, keep in mind — the reader, the audience — could be you.

Today is bitterly cold and tomorrow will see temperatures near 70degreesF. From a wind chill of 9 to a day of high 60s — welcome to my world. I can’t help but wonder if the pocosin affects the weather. Perhaps climatologists smarty pants types need to come down here to the swamp. Life in the Lesser Dismal never fails to amuse. Another perhaps — perhaps everyone should endeavor to consider life complete once a visit to the pocosin has been achieved. Pocosin Power.

Perhaps our area swamp gas rivals that of the swamp gas coming from the orifices president-elect and his Republican cronies? Draining the swamp? Personal swamp gas reduction resulting in renewable energy source? If someone could harness that warm emission from either source, we could heat homes in winter, thereby fracturing the demand for electricity and natural gas, thereby fracturing the energy drain.

Others suggest cow farts and the use of methane gas to generate electrical power. I’m all for harnessing of cow farts but the cows would surely be hampered by what I think a contraption would look like — a reverse CPAP type structural piece functioning to remove air rather than blow it. Perhaps, if I could create a prototype, I could/would then be on Shark Tank and win the big prize of investor relations and influx of cash to promote and create/manufacture my device.

The Reverse Negative Continuous positive airway pressure System for the harvesting of cow flatulence.

Created and conceived by none other than the blogger no one reads. Brilliant. Attach one of my RNCPAPS to the administration-elect and thereby save the world this winter.

Thanks again for not reading. See you in the funny papers.



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