532 E 2nd St, Washington NC 27889

The house listed for sale at the above-referenced address is not only a nasty pitiful dwelling listed at more than $10,000 above where it should be priced, the people who live there are rude, inconsiderate crap heads. While the storm Sandy rages on here in eastern NC, these pieces of human dung put their dog outside in a chain link 10×10 kennel with no cover. The dog is howling and barking. I just saw the drive away and leave the dog out there. I called the police, apologizing for calling but what else could I do? Get dressed and go out into the wind and rain and to what end? I can’t go into their yard… even if I could walk that far because, let’s remember, I am disabled.

You puddling cesspools of human filth. Who puts a puppy outside during a tropical storm and then drives away to church? Goddamn you people. Rot I hell you demon spawn. I can’t believe I just told the police dispatcher that I was sorry to call them. Me, a disabled woman home alone during a storm, says she’s sorry that a poor dog is left outside and she can’t help it.

Here is the listing on zillow http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/532-E-2nd-St-Washington-NC-27889/106940518_zpid/

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