David Munroe — Artist

Facebook offers myriad opportunities to network with artists from all over the world. Sometimes their work is collaborative, like my ABAD friends and IUOMA friend/artists.

David Munroe - Artist

* David Munroe — Artist * Facebook provides more than an artistic melting pot — it reinforces the importance of an intentional universal collection of other-minded folks with a sense of the artistic singularity that must exist if we are all to thrive.

David Munroe is one such talented artist with a unique view of the world. Click here to find him on —>>  Facebook <<—.

My creative process involves experimenting with various mediums and methods of infusing texture, iridescence and illumination into my work. I try to show energy and vitality in my paintings while simultaneously portraying great depth and balance.

Often times, I spend way too much time engaging in conversations with individuals who offer a free flowing and  stimulating discussion of creativity and intent.

Check out Munroe’s website and his work by clicking on the image below:

David Munroe: Artist

David Munroe: Artist


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