2016 Arts of the Pamlico Fine Arts Show

Well, the judge was a loon. Choosing shit-work over the good stuff. That’s all I’ve got to say. It was about finding no “Honorable Mentions” in the 3D category. What a slap in the face for at the artists who contributed. Carolyn Sleeper’s work? Excuse me! Excellent entries, not rewarded by so much as a glance.

No wonder few artists expose themselves in the show. They revel in the # of paintings but seem to not notice the lack of 3Dimensional or graphic works, no experimental work. Just the damn MeMaw pictures of seagulls and sunsets. Beach moments preserved for their insincere clarity and familial angst. Regardless of the artist’s vision, the rewards are few in the new arts council. Sorry, but it’s true. So busy making the Turnage Theater work, it’s a heady financial obligation. Open studio on Monday, noon- 3pm, for painters. Painters! What about the rest of us? Change your invitation to be more inclusive and maybe more of us will come. Oh shit, having no car and riding a ridiculous bike with saddlebags severely crimps my artistic portability. As if I had anything creative going on in the first place. I’m as dry as dry can be, no creativity to sop up from this dismal environment. Bereft of joy. Makes me cynical and causes such anger that is displace by ranting and raving about the poor local arts council that’s doing the best it can, and the best is below pocosin level, despite good intentions.

Pottery. Three Dimensional Artworks. Okay, done with my rant. I’ll bury this one where no one will read it and then feel better about it. It’s no longer BCAC, so it won’t matter, no one will search for it.

But let it be said, you let us down with your judge this year. A hack. A poser. And an idiot.


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