1899 Letter from The Giant Oxie Company. 19th C Madoffian Scheme

The Giant Oxie Company

Found a

letter seeking investors circa 1899 Madoffian scheme.

for a remedy for the Grippe. This remedy, once purchased, could then be sold to all comers, everyone – everywhere — it was a germ fighting remedy.

Nothing venture, nothing have.

This bit of ephemera came via an ebay auction a couple years ago.

It’s hard to buy decent ephemera on ebay these days — oh the ephemera is there — but the method of sale annoys me. I used to buy vintage paper by the pound or at least the book. Today’s auctions sell by the piece and many items are merely pieces cut out of magazines, not the entire publication or even PAGE … but griping out ebay is not my purpose here today. No siree, ladies and gentlemen, as The Giant Oxie Company so wisely advises:

Let it go.

I am here to offer you an amazing investment opportunity.

Click on the image for a look at the letter. Read on for my copy of its contents. Yes, it’s true. I typed my little fingers to the bone transcribing this for you all. Enjoy.




$250,000 Capital Backs Up All Our Business Promises.



Augusta, Maine, February 1899

Dear Friend,

Giant Oxie Remedy Description

This country is now passing through another siege of –The Grippe – which threatens to surpass the terrible epidemic of 1891. The months of January, February and March are most favorable for the spreading of this contagious, germ disease which leads on to Pneumonia, Bronchial and Lung troubles with dreaded Consumption. Grippe is often taken for only just a little cold and without proper treatment leaves the system in a horrible condition. We can kill the Grippe germs and save you thereby big doctor’s bills and a long tiresome sickness.

We are opening up to you one of the grandest privileges ever allowed by a business firm: a plan whereby valuable presents may be secured absolutely free and no only this, but at the same time large cash profits are made, allowing a person ready spending money and in addition in conducting a business that brings with its pursuits, comfort and blessing to suffering Humanity. This letter is written especially to you and for you and to no one else, therefore, we hope you will feel we have taken a personal interest in you.

In the past, the privilege of our Company has been extended to people with large ready capital who were able to purchase $50.00 or $100.00 lots at once, but for the hundreds who, during the last month have been unable to gain admission to our crowded company as agents for the Famous Oxien Remedies, our Manager has made this bona fide offer.

For the next twenty days The Giant Oxie Company will open agency accounts with a few hundred friends who send in cash orders with as low as $1.00 to $2.50.

This can be accomplished with the Stepping Stone Installment Coupons, which we enclose. There is room for only a few more agents in our Company and the 20 days time limit means just what it says. It is the grandest business proposition ever made. This letter is written in the spirit of friendship, allowing you the privilege of accepting THE ONE business proposition of the Century. We know that you will accept. You cannot help it, for there is nothing to risk and everything to gain. You know this as well as we do. Don’t you? And you should not lose one hour before sending in your coupon order. Don’t lose $245.50 by keeping $2.50 in your pocket. Let it go. Nothing venture, nothing have.

A special provision for the benefit of anyone who meets with misfortune or bereavement while working for us is that any Remedies left on hand at the time may be returned to us and full cash cheerfully returned to the agent. So not one penny will be lost on the investment and any one who has a spark of pride and wishes to be respected by the community can easily hustle around and get as low as $1.00 or more to start on one of the Installment Series. Come along with us. You will be pleased and every one who buys the Remedies will be more so. There are hundreds in your own section who are only waiting for you to call and will thank you to do so. You believe this? Well, we knew it. Look at this plan through and through. You cannot discover one flaw. It is business from the start. Come along for the days are near at hand we hope you will not give us no for an answer as we have faith in your good judgment and firmly believe you will order within two hours from your reading of this letter, so excellent is the offer.

Now, let us see what can be done and believe us always your business advisers,



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